Renaul DeZir Electric Car Conceptually Rocks

Going for high torque and power, and a furiously unique design, the Renaul DeZir will live up to its name and be most desirable.

Especially given its 100 mile electric range, which is more than weaker electric cars can boast. Its 150 horsepower electric motor is powered by a 24kw/h lithium ion battery – vertically-mounted – and it gets from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds.

Want more range? There’s a QuickDrop system that lets you change batteries in a hurry, while the light Kevlar body won’t drain your power supply uselessly.

A few years ago the first electric cars on the market were bulky, unattractive affairs. The DeZir is a testament to how far and how fast this niche market has gone. In the words of Renault’s Director of Concept Car Design:

“DeZir is a statement of our new formal design language which conveys notions such as movement, sensuality and emotion through ideal proportions, in much the same way as an object whose forms have been honed by nature. The result is a warm, stimulating design that says ‘Renault’.”.


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