REFECTOCIL Natural Liquid Oxidant Mixing Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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When you’ve already gone through the trouble of coloring your beard, over time that solution will start to fade away. And what about your eyebrows and hair? You need the REFECTOCIL Natural Liquid Oxidant Mixing Kit. It’s the best beard dye for the entirety of your head, capable of touching up your beard, eyebrows and hair. Include it as a top requirement when you draft a list of your bathroom essentials.

Why We Like It – REFECTOCIL Natural Liquid Oxidant Mixing

When you want to touch up the greys and white hairs in more than just your beard, this mixture can triple as a touch-up tool for your eyebrows, hair and beard. To clean your bathroom after dying your beard, use this good tool described in this Revoclean attachments all purpose kit perfect cleaning review.

  • Can touch-up hair, beard and eyebrows
  • Precision tool is included
  • Will last up to four weeks
  • Need to mix ingredients
  • Additional tool required for whole beard


The REFECTOCIL Natural Liquid Oxidant Mixing provides the best results when used as a touch-up kit rather than a full on beard dye. That’s better left to the Just Men Mustache Brush Packaging. But that fades over an 8 week period, which is where REFECTOCIL can be used to apply a small application to those fading sections so that your beard, hair or eyebrows stay their natural brown for weeks. Even if you use it without a dedicated beard dye, it will last up to four weeks on its own, which is 27 days longer than the Blackbeard Men Formula Brush Mustache.


The REFECTOCIL Natural Liquid Oxidant Mixing is meant to work with most dark colors such as blue black, light brown, and dark brown. And that includes the same colored eyebrow tints. Aside from mixing the ingredients into the mixing dish yourself, applying it to your eyebrow and hair is easy, albeit tedious. You may experience issues with your beard, however; the thicker it is, the harder it is for the precision tool to provide touch-ups.

Before use, make sure you do an allergy test. Take a small amount—a small dot—and apply it to your skin. If your skin swells within a few minutes, you are allergic and you should refrain from using this dye. Also: you do not apply this mixture to your eyelashes. REFECTOCIL tints eyebrows, beard and hair, but for eyelashes you should use REFECTOCIL Eyelash Mixture. After use, clean your sink and bathroom surfaces with quality cleaning tools. Read more about a simple but effective tool in this Pumice cleaning stone handle density review.


The REFECTOCIL Natural Liquid Oxidant Mixing Kit has a higher upfront cost than many of the entries on our list, but its use does not go undervalued. Where the Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye Organic has a lengthy application process and lacks the precision tool, REFECTOCIL Natural Liquid Oxidant Mixing Kit is perfect for touching up the dying job made by other products like Just For Men to further enhance their performance. You’ll get better value from touch-ups rather than buying whole new dye packages.

REFECTOCIL Natural Liquid Oxidant Mixing Wrap Up

Unless your beard is as thick as Gandalf’s, you shouldn’t have many issues using REFECTOCIL Natural Liquid Oxidant Mixing Kit to touch up your beard, eyebrows and hair. The precision tool does an excellent job of keeping the dye in the target area. And since it lasts up to four weeks, you can leave it be for a whole month before applying more.

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