Redragon K585 Diti Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Redragon continues to impress us with their durable, high quality, affordable keyboards, but the Redragon K585 Diti is a bit of an oddity. Did the designers forget the other half? No! It’s designed for gamers in mind. And what it offers is what makes it one of the best gaming accessories to have in your arsenal.

Why We Like It – Redragon K585 DITI

With satisfying blue mechanical switches, this half-hand keyboard is equipped with the most essential parts, in addition to programmable key mapping for an experience unique to you.

  • Great mechanical keyboard for gaming
  • Programmable key mapping
  • Detachable wrist-rest
  • Slight learning curve
  • Space key is in a weird place


We love mechanical keyboards, so it was a joy to discover that the Redragon K585 Diti uses Outemu blue switches. These blue switches provide a sharp clicking sound that is so nice to hear. They’re really responsive and don’t need a lot of pressure to activate. One issue was the space key, however. Naturally, your thumb hovers the P key, so you’ll have to stretch to reach the custom space key. There is a bit of a learning curve. Thankfully, that problem is solved through Redragon’s software. You could also check out the Redragon K552 mechanical backlit wired keyboard that has 87 keys.

So, why use this over a full keyboard? Two words: your mouse. The majority of gaming is done with the left-most side. You’ll get a lot more freedom of movement with the right side removed. With so much space to use, you’ll want to use a Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee V2 together.


Obviously the first feature you’ll notice is the Redragon K585 Diti One Handed RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Blue Switches is half a keyboard—but it isn’t without additional features. Along the left and right, 7 macro keys were added. In addition to onboard macro keys detachable wrist rest is rather comfortable. It’s detachable through the use of magnets. It isn’t quite as high quality as the keyboard itself but it will suffice. The text of the key is appealing, as is the RGB. Light shines through very clearly, nor is the text illegible.


The Redragon K585 Professional Gaming Keypad is a strange creature. For $40, you could get a full keyboard of decent quality. So, why bother? The Redragon K585 Diti offers the most essential parts of an excellent gaming keyboard for a fraction of the price. With the K585, you can push your keyboard to the side and use this, and it has all the essential keys needed. And if you need to chat, your other keyboard is always there. You’d even save yourself some cash to pick up a Turtle Beach Stealth 600 and J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses Gaming Accessory. Feel free to also browse to a classic gaming controller described in our Retrolink USB NES controller review.

Redragon K585 DITI Wrap Up

The Redragon K585 Diti performs all the necessary tasks a gaming session needs, with programmable key mapping and a comfortable detachable wrist-rest. It takes some time getting used to it, especially the space key—but an otherwise enticing offer if you’re still wielding a cheap office keyboard and can’t afford the full experience of a top-notch gaming keyboard.

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