STAND: The Urinal That Has A Sink Built Into It. …Ew.


You’d think the urinal doesn’t really need a redesign. You need some porcelain, some plumbing, maybe some crushed ice if you’re classy. But, just because the wheel works doesn’t mean somebody won’t try and come up with something better, and hence a Latvian designer has decided what you really need to do is be able to wash your hands while still standing at the urinal.

While all of us at the Gadget Review offices would pass any sort of hand sanitation test with flying, carefully scrubbed colors, apparently there are many oafish barbarians out there who don’t wash after taking a leak. So the idea of this urinal, called STAND, is to make it impossible to pretend the sinks are death traps or something by putting them right there, literally under your nose, while you realize that eighth beer was probably not a good idea.

While we admire the dedication of Kaspars Jursons to trying to improve sanitation across the world, we also are forced to wonder if he’s ever been around drunks or been to a men’s room. Really, unless the entrees are hovering at around $20 per plate, you’re lucky to have a working sink and soap dispenser in far too much of the supposedly civilized world.

Secondly, it seems a terrible idea to put a sink on top of urinal because there is nothing, and we mean nothing, that drunk people will not take as a challenge and/or a personal affront. Seriously, we can see this going horribly awry if it catches on. Although it’d probably make a killer YouTube video.


Anyway, it’s just a concept of Jursons, and we applaud him for at least trying to design a way to make the world a slightly less nasty place. Just… don’t install these in sports bars, perhaps.

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Dan Seitz

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  1. most A-hole’s will just pee in the sink part and then I would have to wash my hands in their pee. no thanks.

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