The Recon 6 Combines A Multitool And A Watch

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If you’re like me, you like being prepared. I go around with several tools on my keychain, mostly because while I don’t need wire strippers or a wrench every day, I need them just often enough to keep them on me. But some people want to be a little more extreme with their survival gear, and for them, there’s the Recon 6.

A Watch, A Survival Kit, And A Knife On A Strap

Really, the Recon 6 can be boiled down to three separate parts; the watch, the metal tool in the strap, and the survival kit under the watch. The watch itself is pretty straightforward; it’s analog, with phosphorescent hands, and a scratch-and-chip-resistant crystal. Honestly, we would have liked to see this watch be able to take more of a beating; waterproof and scratchproof strike us as the bare minimum.

Oh, and in the side is a small flashlight for detail work.

Survive In Style

More interesting is the survival kit and strap. Lift up the watch face and you’ve got a signal mirror, a tray that lifts out and includes a compass, small magnifier for starting fires in sunny conditions, firesteel, and emergency whistle, and underneath the tray 25 feet of fishing line and two small hooks, rated up to 25 pounds.

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Strapped In

Finally, there’s the one-piece multitool in the strap. Flip out the buckle and you have a sheep’s hook for game, a bottle opener (of course), a can opener, and a fire striker. In all, there are 14 functions crammed into this watch.

We’ve got our criticisms; at $300 this watch should be more rugged, and it feels like there were a few design compromises. It’s also a bit chunky and has the look of a kid’s toy, a bit. On the other hand, it’s a good idea and having a survival kit strapped to your wrist isn’t the worst idea. You can find it on Kickstarter.

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