REASON8 Turns Conversations Into Summaries

If you take a lot of notes for business or in your personal life, you can streamline the whole process with one simple app called REASON8. It’s an AI-powered service for automatic note-taking and preparation of summaries made specifically for in-person business meetings. Trust me when I tell you that this is going to make your life easier.

REASON8 Allows You To Focus on the Discussion

You’re not still sitting in the meeting with a large legal pad taking notes, are you? There’s a much better way. REASON8 is an easy way to capture your important meetings and convert them into actionable information that makes sense, by highlighting tasks and highlights.


Old fashioned note-taking can be very distracting for the note-taker, making it hard to focus on the things you need to focus on. However, with REASON8 you can have a one on one meeting anywhere, whether it is a coffee shop or a meeting room, and have no interruptions. This way you can focus on the discussion instead of actually taking notes and missing important info. This app sets itself apart by retaining conversational knowledge, giving you the important points: what, where, and who.

This app increases productivity by saving you time on follow-ups and action items, plus you can connect others who aren’t in the meeting, keeping everyone informed. This will improve your business’ workflow for sure.

REASON8 Turns Conversations Into Summaries
REASON8 makes meetings easy.

This App Saves You Time and Money

Other features include shared control of what goes on the record, meeting privacy, strong encryption, speaker detection (records from several smartphones) and auto-extraction of tasks.

No matter what your business, REASON8 will make your job easier. You’ll spend less time gathering specs, be able to spend more time with your clients, and you won’t have to rely on paid services or recorders. So it also saves you money. It uses two or more phones for security. Everyone has mutual control over what goes on the record. Your meetings are going to go great from now on. This is truly one of the coolest apps we have seen in a long time.

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