Real Life Tron Motorbike, Yours For $55K (video)

Featuring steel frames and fiberglass bodywork, with V-twin engines driving the fun behind this run of ten Parker Brother Choppers made Tron Light Cycles, there’s nothing left to the imagination as the Tron movie bikes are brought to life – every adult who wants an electric motorcycle for kids will want one.

The engine was borrowed from a Suzuki TLR1000, with brakes and other mundane stuff thrown in the mix as a requirement for their street legal status.

Weighing 474 pounds at barely over 100 inches long and 23 wide, they cost $55,000 each, with only four left to buy.

Some guy named Halverson, working for Parker Brothers Choppers, is humble about the replica quality of the bikes, mentioning that they can’t exactly be considered replicas since the movie bikes were CGI, therefore never actually done before in real life metal.


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