Thieves Will Never Know Your Goods Are Hidden In A Book

No one really reads traditional books anymore, especially not when they can read something on their smartphone or tablet, which makes a book the perfect place to hide your prized possessions. The Real Book Safe is cleverly designed like a classic book, but will discreetly store your passports, cash, jewelry and other valuable you’d like to keep hidden from potential thieves. The safe is designed to look like two books, with the safe inside the cover. The strong, compact steel safe can only be opened with one of its two keys. The safe measures 0.50″ x 7.50″ x 3.50″ and makes a great addition to your bookcase!. The Fancy has it for $40.


Kristie Bertucci

Kristie Bertucci is an L.A.-based writer, who can't live without her MacBook Pro. When she's not writing, she's either reading or shopping (online, of course) and loves lazy days so she can catch up on her DVR-recorded shows and movies. She's definitely a Mac girl, she loves music and is currently on a mission to to have an insane and enviable iTunes library.

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