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The Re-Timer Is Supposed To Reset Your Body Clock (video)

If you’re having sleep troubles and have tried it all but still wake up tired, maybe it’s time you test out the Re-Timer, which is a wearable green light device that’s said to reset your body clock. The portable device is great for travelers who are always jet lagged, shift works who want to stay awake and those that can’t sleep well. It’s worn like a pair of sunglasses and emits a soft green light onto the eyes, re-timing the body’s internal clock.

Invented from 25 years at a Flinders University by Prof. Leon Lack, the device’s light is supposed to stimulate the part of the brain that’s responsible for regulating the 24-hour body clock, with photoreceptors in the eyes signaling the brain to be awake and alert. It’s recommended that those who suffer from being fatigued should wear the glasses for three days for 50 minutes a day after waking up in the morning to advance the body’s clock. Or if falling asleep is the problem, then 50 minutes before bed. It’s 100% UV-free and you can wear them while reading or working on a computer.


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