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If you want the RCA ANT121Z Passive Antenna to be the Best TV Antenna, you’ll have to set your bars pretty low. However, as the Best Rabbit Ear Antenna, it makes a favorable case. For starters, its rabbit ears are rather large. Most importantly, it has the potential to reach a signal from 50 miles away.

Why We Like It – RCA ANT121Z Passive Antenna

The RCA ANT121Z Passive Antenna is durable and consistent, two major factors that make a good TV antenna. It has the potential to reach signals from 50 miles away; and it doesn’t hurt that its rabbit ears are two feet long.

  • Potential reception range of 50 miles
  • Long rabbit ears
  • Small and compact design
  • Coax cable could be longer
  • A bit overpriced


The RCA ANT121Z Passive Antenna can do well at holding a signal, thanks to its long rabbit ears. They measure around two feet in length, meaning they’re marginally longer in length compared to the Philips SDV8201B, and marginally better at keeping the image nice and clear.

Ease of Install

Like most indoor TV antennas, the RCA ANT121Z Passive Antenna is incredibly easy to get installed. All you need is a coax cable (included inside) and a TV with a coax port, which your TV should have, even if it’s a modern model.


With a hunk of cheap plastic and metal, the RCA ANT121Z Durable Passive Indoor Antenna isn’t anything special, but it is rather heavy at two pounds. It’s also small and compact, making it really easy place just about anywhere in your home, with no-scuff pads to protect your furniture from scratches.


RCA lists the ANT121Z as reaching up to 40 miles, but there’s evidence to suggest it can actually reach up to 50 miles. Your mileage may vary, of course, but the right environment can next you several miles above its rating. However, the effective range is around 30 miles, which is right in line with the cheaper Fosmon HDTV Antenna.


When you get right down to it, the RCA ANT121Z Passive Antenna doesn’t offer much more than, say, the Philips SDV7114A, other than better durability and higher potential reception range. Taking that into consideration, spending twice as much for the potential, and not for an absolute may not be worth it. You also might be left with the decision to buy a longer coax cable. A cheaper option would be to get the Wideskall Bunny Ear Antenna, which is affordable but works perfectly too.

RCA ANT121Z Passive Antenna Wrap Up

Despite being slightly overpriced, the RCA ANT121Z Passive Antenna won’t break the bank if you decide to pick one up. With its potential range of 50 miles and long rabbit ears, its performance will still pay for itself in the first month. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s small and compact, making it easy to place anywhere in your home.

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