Razor’s Crazy Cart XL Is Drifting Fun For Adults

Drifting had a moment in the mid-2000s, and truthfully, it does look a lot of fun in the movies. But most of us are grown, responsible adults who do not have stunt driving training, and lack the thousands of dollars necessary to learn to drift safely, forget the car to do it. Fortunately, the Crazy Cart XL is much cheaper and (nominally) less dangerous! If you’re looking to take your kids drifting with you, take a look at the razor crazy cart review too.

Drift Cart

If you’re familiar with Razor’s Crazy Cart, then you know the basic idea, and can skip to the part where you give Razor $800 for this thing. If you’re not familiar, here’s the basic concept.

Take a wheeled dolly without a back, basically a board on four wheels like you used to roll around on in gym class way back in the elementary school days, the ones with the wheels on castors. Add an electric motor capable of going up to 17mph, tied to a wheel towards the front of the dolly. Include a handle that allows you to lift the wheel at any time, a steering system, and that’s the Crazy Cart XL.

Cart Wheels

Is it ridiculous and unsafe? Oh yes, very much so. The entire idea is that you engage in a hard turn, lift the wheel, and drift in all sorts of insane ways and styles. And yes, they built this specifically for adults; it can take weight up to 300 pounds and keep rolling.

Needless to say, a device like this should only be used with the utmost responsibility. By which we mean you should probably wear a helmet, and be ready to deal with other people laughing at you. But think of it this way: They don’t have a fancy drifting cart… and you do.

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