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Looking to ditch your electric skateboards or electric scooter for something more adventurous? If so, the Razor Ripstik Ripster is a great choice. This futuristic looking, light weight, and bright caster board is pure eye candy thanks to its amazing and unique design. This is the skateboard evolved.

Check out my buyers guide below to read my impressions after spending some time with the Razor Ripstik Ripster. If you’re looking for the best skateboard for beginners, this may be your pick. But if you’d like something a bit more electric, take a look at the Urb E folding electric scooter review instead.

Is the Razor Ripstik Ripster Worth The Money?

Razor Ripstik Ripster Review
One of the best caster boards out there.

The Razor Ripstik Ripster (Try saying that five times fast) is made of high tech polymer with removable deck plates. It features slip-resistant concave deck platforms and high-grade urethane wheels. It is also shorter than the original version. Skate in style anywhere you want with this bad boy and all eyes will be on you.


  • 360-degree inclined caster trucks
  • ABEC5 bearing casters
  • Great design


  • Some might like a larger board

Razor Ripstik Ripster Build Quality And Design

The amazing design of the Ripstik caster board is self-evident. This caster board catches the eye and doesn’t let go. Just look at that deck platform. It looks fast, sleek and modern with that concave deck design. If you do a lot of tricks and stunts on the original RipStik Classic or Ripstik Brights, you’ll up your game with this skateboard. It has great carving ability and a nice kick tail and nose.

The slip-resistant concave deck and steel rubber padded torsion bar are durable enough to stand up to whatever you dish out and also water resistant. The ABEC5 bearing choice was also a good one on this model. It comes in red, blue and black color choices, all of which look stunning. The shorter wheelbase is perfect for riders with a narrower stance, for tricks or for new riders to easily get on and gain confidence.

The Razor Ripstik Ripster weighs in at just 4.5 pounds and has a rider weight capacity of about 143 pounds so both kids and adults can get on.

Razor Ripstik Ripster Performance

When it comes to performance, the Razor Ripster Castor Board is definitely an upgrade from the classic version. The board isn’t the only thing that was downsized. Those urethane wheels have been changed from 76mm wheels to 66mm.

Classic ripstiks are cool and all, but these changes really do make doing tricks easier. I found that I had good foot control and increased foot control means better tricks. And this board is a super smooth ride over various terrains like the sidewalk, gravel or on the pavement.

Any bumps you encounter are absorbed nicely so you don’t feel them. Super nice trucks and pivoting deck. As for speed, it’s hard to say if it is easier to go faster than on the classic version, but the Ripstick Ripster design does allow you to really get going. So make sure you are wearing your safety equipment. At least wear a helmet and elbow pads for protective gear.

For many, it will likely take some time to learn how to use this electric caster board properly, before they are doing snowboardlike carving, but it’s worth the time investment. The cool thing about that concave pivoting deck is that it lets you turn in any direction at any time you want.

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Bottom Line

It turns out that the Razor Ripstik Ripster is every bit as cool as it looks. That shortened concave board with its 66mm high grade urethane wheels, high-performance ABEC-5 bearing casters, Kick nose and tail, pivoting deck, 360-degree caster trucks, and lightweight is ideal for doing more tricks and for helping the smaller kids learn to ride. And I can tell you firsthand that it really is a dramatic improvement.

And the fact that they delivered such a performer along with an amazing style is what makes this caster board a serious winner. The removable deck plates mean you can even buy replacement faceplates and traction pads for this Ripstick caster board. No wonder razor Ripstik caster boards are so popular. Ride the Ripstik baby! Get yourself a Ripstik bright caster board and experience the fun for yourself.

Razor makes a lot of cool boards and other vehicles like the Razor Ripsurf, the DLX mini and more, but this is one of their standout products.

Razor Ripstik Ripster Review
This caster board will make you smile.

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