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The Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Trike is the best electric trike and absolutely perfect for kids above the age of eight, as the rear caster wheels allow for easy stunt tricks, such as spins, drifts, and even slides. The hand-operated braking system is of a high-quality, adding to this trike’s safety rating, and the push button throttle allows for a near-instantaneous speed boost.

Why We Like It – Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

The Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle is a high quality trike that is perfect for kids who like to play outside, with the rear caster wheels allowing for all manner of stunts and tricks. The hand-operated braking system and push button throttle make for an efficient and smooth ride.

  • Rear caster wheels allow for tricks and spins
  • Hand operated braking system and push button throttle
  • High-impact pneumatic front wheel for stability
  • Battery takes 12 hours to charge and only gets 40 minutes of use
  • Maximum weight just 120 lb

Durability & Build Quality

The high-impact pneumatic front wheel offers a good amount of stability for a smooth and even ride. With the bike being able to run purly off the electric powered motor. The Tricycle is capable of 360 degree spins, slide, and even drift on its dual inclined rear caster high performance wheels. With one reviewer an error occurred with the manufacturing that resulted in the chain coming off whenever the bike was used.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

Being as how this electric assist trike is primarily intended to be used by kids, the maximum speed here is around nine miles per hour and the load capacity is just 120 pounds. Additionally, the battery is slightly lacking, taking nearly 12 hours to achieve a full charge and allowing for only 40 minutes of continuous use.

Range & Battery

The new electric Razor Powerrider is powered by a 12V rechargeable battery system, it’s a rather poor show to be honest with the battery lasting for about 40 min yet by Razor’s own statement it takes 12 hours to charge, this makes the Addmotor Motan better choice despite the higher cost.

Safety features

With a single front hand brake to stop the front wheel drive of the trike it might not look safe at first glance but it actually stops the trike rather quickly.


By far the cheapest electric trike among the top ten but it shows with it’s low speed and seemingly cheap battery, no doubt the trike is super fun for the forty minutes but the short lifespan leaves something to be desired compared to the Fat Tire Recumbent Trike.

Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle Wrap Up

All in all the Razor Power Rider can at it’s best be considered an expensive toy, not just due to it being made for children but that in combination of the short lifespan and slow speed compared to other trikes like the Pedego Trike.

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