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The Razor E300 packs a serious punch with its torque, helping it find a place between the best electric scooter for kids and the best folding electric scooter. Its chain driven motor and on-demand torque help it climb inclines, while also nursing a 15mph maximum speed. Your kids will surely love it!

Why We Like It – Razor E300

High-torque prowess and 15mph maximum speed, the Razor E300 is both fast and easily folded for quick storage, transportation, and carrying. It even has a large deck for better standing control.

  • 15mph maximum speed w/ good torque
  • Super sized deck offers better footing
  • 10-inch pneumatic tires
  • 24 hour recommended recharge time
  • Hand-activated rear brake


Starting off strong with our E300 electric scooter review, the Electric Scooter Razor E300s are capable of reaching a maximum speed of 15mph, which is pretty solid for an electric motor of this size. Complimenting the chain driven motor nicely is the high amount of torque for climbing inclines. The thick 10-inch pneumatic tires smooth the experience beautifully.


The Razor E300 isn’t fitted with any substantial safety features. It uses a hand-activated rear disc brake, which has okay stopping power. We would’ve preferred at least a dual-disc system, considering the amount of torque it can give out. Otherwise these Razor electric scooters only bank on their naturally safe build.

Battery Life

On a single battery charge, the Razor E300 only gets 40 minutes of continuous runtime. Quite frankly, that isn’t very good. However, that’s likely how long your child will zip around before coming inside. If you want a little more power, the Tomoloo Electric Scooter is where it’s at, with slightly faster speed and distance.


Review Razor E300 yourself and you’ll notice the constant standing. This will get uncomfortable after some time, unlike seated electric scooters like the Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro. On the flipside, it has a super sized deck, creating a much more stable standing position. And that, in turn, helps control the ride better.


Picking one of these speedy pals up will set you back CDN$ 351, which in today’s US economy is about $270. Given how well the scooter handles, the speed, and most noticeable the high amount of torque—that sounds about right. Considering other reviews Razor created a decent electric scooter. But if you have younger kids, the Razor E100 Electric Scooter is a bit slower, but only costing $150.

Razor E300 Wrap Up

The Razor E300 falls short in a few areas, like a single rear brake and horrendous recharge time. To be fair, it’s pushing 15mph speeds with really good torque. That kind of power takes large amounts of electricity. And both the pneumatic tires and large deck make it an easier ride to handle and enjoy.

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