Razor Ancheer Electric Bike Review

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Updated January 31, 2023
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Whether you are shopping for a new electric bike or the best electric bike you can afford,  you want it to be special and have all of the latest features and technology. This Ancheer electric bike does not disappoint on this front. It has all of the latest features that you want for a fun and safe ride. This electric bike is comfortable, reliable, and built to last. This is no cheap electric vehicle that simply gets you to your destination and is then forgotten about, but instead is a well-designed bike that gets you where you are going in style. And with a ton of great features included to boot.

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Is the Ancheer Electric Bike Worth Cheering About?

Ancheer Electric Bike Review
Ancheer Electric Bike Review


This is a beautifully designed bike.

But what about those top-of-the-line features? Do they elevate this Ancheer e-bike to a must-own or make it a bike for only casual weekend riders? Is it time to turn in your electric skateboard or electric scooter? Read my buyer’s guide below to find the answers.


  • Fast charge
  • Great design
  • Great performance


  • No pedals
  • So no pedal assist mode

Ancheer Electric Bike Build Quality And Design

Let’s start with the build quality. The first thing that hit me when I got this bike was that it is built like a little tank, which might make it a great bike for women. It has a strong frame but is lightweight at just 26.5lbs. It has a maximum rider weight capacity of 265lbs. And it is IPX5 waterproof rated as well.

The frame and suspension fork are made from an aluminum alloy, ensuring that it stands up to the elements and any abuse you throw at it. This aluminum electric bike will last for many years. And that frame is foldable, so you can easily store this bike when you get to your destination, pack it in the car for transport or keep it in the corner of a small apartment.

As for the style and design, this folding electric bike has a unique futuristic look that will please almost anyone. It’s a design that you don’t see every day, that’s for sure. The shape was actually inspired by dolphins. The front fork is probably the only part that looks somewhat typical.

Add in those large, strong 12-inch tires that handle various terrain types very well, and this bike is both good-looking and capable. It doesn’t matter if you are commuting short distances in the city or mountain biking in the country. Ancheers electric mountain bike delivers a good experience all around. Also, have a quick look at Razor kick scooter here!

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Power And Performance

A 350-watt high-speed motor runs the show, delivering a top speed of 12 miles per hour (which is a bit slower than the OppsDecor ebike) along with a 12-mile range. That doesn’t sound fast, but it makes for a pretty quick trip down the road. It is all powered by a 36V 6Ah battery.

This Ancheer folding electric mountain bike performed amazingly, offering a smooth ride that was also comfortable. Those tires are fat enough to grip the terrain and absorb bumps. If you want another folding bike with fat tires, check out the SDU folding electric bike. This bike also handles gentle slopes with ease. Whether over grass, gravel, asphalt, or sand, I couldn’t get this electric bike to get stuck thanks to those fat tires. It just keeps going. It competes well with a standard mountain bike. Even the handlebar grips feel good.

Other features the bike comes with include an app and Bluetooth System that gives you access to things like the APP Speed Setting, Motor locking, Mileage & Time recording, and an E-Bike self-test. These are all great extras. Speaking of cool features, I loved the cruise control, so you don’t have to twist the throttle in throttle mode to stay at the current speed.

No front and rear brakes here. Just disc brakes on the back wheel. The rear disc brakes work great on this model, but they take some getting used to. On the one I tested, it took me a little bit to get used to how sensitive they were.

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Charging Time

It takes less than 3 hours to charge the lithium battery, which isn’t bad at all. Battery life gives you 50 minutes or so of continuous run time. I love low charging times. Other models come with a 36V 8Ah lithium-ion battery, but a bike with a 36V 8Ah battery shares the rest of the features of this electric bike with 36V.

Bottom Line

The Ancheer folding electric bike is a very pleasant electric bike to ride. Everything from the design and style to its performance just makes you feel good when you are riding it. While it is far from the most powerful e-bike available, it is perfect for anyone making short commutes or having adventures anywhere a mountain bike might go. Of course, the lightweight aluminum alloy frame and the fact that it is foldable are a big plus here.

The build quality is great. You can easily take it anywhere. I used it mostly as a commuter bike, and it was a lot of fun. That dolphin-shaped design really helps it to fold down efficiently. And topping it all off are the many extra features that Ancheer has included here. You are getting a lot for your money. It puts regular bikes to shame. No wonder it sells on Amazon so well. Folding electric bikes are everywhere, but this is special.

You’ve likely seen some of Ancheer’s other electric bikes, folding electric scooters, or electric mountain bikes, like the power plus electric mountain bike, the Ancheer power plus, their fat tire electric vehicles like their fat tire electric bike, or others. If you have researched them, you know that Ancheer bikes are quality. I can’t deny that after testing this one. Remember to always check the price first to get a good deal.

Ancheer Electric Bike Review
Ancheer Electric Bike Review


This is an amazing e-bike that is engineered perfectly and delivers a great ride.

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