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The Vespula is a pretty decent mousepad, one that hasn’t changed over the past few years. I did a major roundup a few years back and still have the original, so you can see what the differences are between the original and ME3 version. Suffice it to say, the latter is way cooler.

The Vespula is a two-sided mousepad. One side is smooth while the other has thousands of micro-indentations. Both are made for specific types of mice, specifically laser and optical mice. If you play at high DPI settings you won’t notice the tracking difference, but you will notice a difference in mouse movement and friction. I typically play games at 2000DPI, so I use the smooth surface.

Then there’s the underside, which the actual mousepad sits on. This is a cloth to keep the pad in place and a wrist rest. Back when I first tested the Vespula, I thought it was silly to have a wrist rest, and then several friends all around the same time started having trouble with their hands and wrists for extended computer use. The wrist rest helps by keeping the wrist elevated, though you also have to sit properly or it loses the desired effect. If you like to lean back in your chair and just reach for the mouse, and end up sitting under the mouse, the wrist rest will actually be a bother. And you’ll likely have serious back, shoulder, and arm problems within the next year.

Of course, because of the small size, the Vespula is designed for players who don’t move the mouse around too much, and rely on higher DPI settings (otherwise the wrist rest would be redundant). The cloth underside does tend to slip a little too easily on some surfaces, like anything that isn’t polished, but otherwise the Vespula is a good mousepad. I still prefer the Razer Sphex for my setup, but if you’re going for the Mass Effect effect, the Vespula will fit right into your collection.

P.S. – the Mass Effect 3 weapons add-on is a joke. As much as I wish they gave some really good weapons, they didn’t.

Editor’s Rating:

[Rating: 3.5]

Very Good

Bottom Line: A strong mousepad made for non-moving wrists and Mass Effect fans alike


  • Provides support for the wrist
  • Offers two textured surfaces on the single pad
  • It’s a mousepad…do you really need one?
  • The Mass Effect 3 add-ons are a joke.

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