Forget the best gaming keyboard. Razer’s Nostromo gaming keypad was built with every kind of game and every kind of gamer in mind, or at least that’s the feel you get from this sentient-looking robot-like creation.

With its 16 programmable Hyperresponse keys , 8 keymaps you can program and switch between, and a directional thumb pad that goes 8 ways during the week, and twice more on Sundays, you’ll be destroying the competition or developing a severe case of tendonitis.

The keypad has a rubberized wrist pad that will keep your wrists from going snap-crackle-and-pop after that 48 hour MMO gaming session that just turned you into a red eyed zombie. The keys themselves were built and arranged with a gamer’s motions in mind.

The $69.99 keypad comes with Razer’s software for configuring its gaming devices, and you can program the directional thumb pad to act like a modifier for other keys, and assign one or several keys as a toggle for your keymaps.


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