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Razer is no stranger to amazing gaming keyboards, and they continue to prove their worth with one of the best gaming keyboards, the Huntsman. With superb performance and accuracy from optical actuation, and a bit of RGB lighting for style, this is the kind of keyboard that withstands long gaming sessions. For a way to completely upgrade your gaming, you can enhance your gaming with the ARAIG multi-sensory feedback suit. Then, you can further enhance your gaming after viewing our best gaming accessories reviews.

Why We Like It – Razer Huntsman Review

Razer makes another slam dunk with the Razer Huntsman, the younger brother to the Razer Huntsman Elite, but performs just as well and with high-quality durability to boot.

  • Awesome performance
  • Superb build quality
  • Reliable brand recognition
  • Lacking multimedia functions
  • Lacking USB passthrough


The Razer Huntsman isn’t your typical mechanical keyboard, nor does it use traditional mechanical switches. Razer uses what they call “opto-mechanical,” unlike other traditional mechanical keyboards. The optical switches inside make use of a light sensor to register keystrokes, while a stabilizer bar keeps the key level when you press the key at various angles. Read our Razer gaming mouse Bungee V2 review and discover how this tool can keep your peripheral cables neat.

Pressing the keys is a joy, provided you love the response of clicky keys. Actuation force feels similar to a Cherry MX Blue. With how loud the keys can get, you wouldn’t use this in an office setting among other colleagues—it’s strictly gaming.


The Razer Huntsman keyboard oozes quality and durability, much higher than the Rii RK100+. Starting with the keyboard, its body is a very strong durable plastic, covered by an even stronger aluminum black matte top plate. You’ll have a tough time trying to bend this keyboard. The characters on the keys are more legible than the Redragon K552. However, it’s missing dedicated media keys—unlike the Pictek RGB—nor does it have a USB passthrough.

Its RGB lighting is rather hypnotizing. As it breathes through the various colors, it naturally transitions from one color to another. You can unlock advanced lighting options through Razer Synapse 3.  For a sweet gaming mouse, read our Razer Lancehead review.


Considering how well the Razer Huntsman performs and its superb build quality, you’re getting your money’s worth. This is especially true if you’ve been begging for the Razer Huntsman Elite, but can’t shell out the cash. So long as you can look past the lack of media keys and wrist rest, the Huntsman performs on par with the Elite. It also helps that you are getting a keyboard from one of the leading manufacturers in gaming peripherals.

Razer Huntsman Review Wrap Up

The Razer Huntsman is gaming bliss, and should be a part of any gamer’s arsenal. Its opto-mechanical key switches work wonderfully, the build quality is phenomenal and will withstand a lot of abuse. By sacrificing media keys and USB passthrough, Razer has managed to place this excellent keyboard within reach of just about anyone.

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