Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee V2 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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How often do you sit at your desk and wonder how your cables get tangled? You can tell there’s a problem when you start yanking on your mouse because you aren’t getting enough wire. You’ll need something to keep it straight and anchored to one location, while still allowing movement. For that, we turn to the Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee V2. It is one of the best gaming accessories? That remains to be seen!

Why We Like It – Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee V2

It may seem strange at first, but this accessory is meant to ensure your cables don’t tangle, while giving your mouse enough slack to prevent cable yank.

  • Good for wired mouse cable management
  • Non slip feet
  • Solid build quality
  • Niche purpose
  • Often yanks the mouse around

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The Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee V2 acts almost like a fishing line. At the peak and down the spine the wire travels. With a bit of mouse movement, the end piece flops back and forth, providing you with the slack you need at one end without tangling your cables on the other end. This also helps provide a sort of soft barrier for you, letting you know where your mousepad ends.

At least, that was the goal. Without the right setup, it would frequently yank on the mouse too much. If you’re having trouble staying on your mousepad, you’re better off increasing the sensitivity of the mouse.

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At least the Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee V2 looks neat. It has that same distinct “gamer” look to it that accessories like the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 are representing. When the Razer Mouse Bungee V2 is working, it makes full use of its design. The rubber arm keeps the mouse cord held in place, with the help of a rust resistant spring arm weighted base for stability and anti slip feet. The trick is to provide enough slack that you have drag free cord control. Obviously it won’t provide any help to a wireless mouse. Otherwise it’s surprisingly well put together.


The Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee V2 appears to be a very niche item. It serves a singular purpose that few might find useful. It isn’t like the J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses or Redragon K585 DITI, where one is built for gaming and the other cuts down on blue light. Both of those items serve a wider audience. It doesn’t even have any USB ports.

But let’s say you do want one of these, knowing already that they work for you. Perhaps you’re looking for the best mouse bungees around. Would it be worth it? Absolutely! It’s only $20, which is half of what you’d pay for the BenQ Zowie Camade.

Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee V2 Wrap Up

The Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee V2 is a strange creature. Its purpose is a niche within a niche. When it’s set up correctly that is; otherwise getting yanked back is inevitable. When it works, the non-slip feet will keep the anchor in place and give you a soft barrier. You’ll never have to worry about cable management again. There’s at least some merit in that.

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