Razer Announces the BLADE R2 Gaming Laptop With Touchscreen UI

A spot of news shot over the weekend regarding some weaponized celestial body that had fallen from the unknown. It landed at the heavily fortified Razer compound where the mad fools courted death and embraced the thing, dubbing it the Razer Blade R2 gaming laptop.

Readers will remember Razer’s original game-devouring monstrosity – the BLADE. Well this new gaming laptop is more powerful with an Intel HM77 Express Chipset and a current generation NVIDIA GTX 660M mobile graphics processor (w/ 2GB vram and NVIDIA Optimus technology). It features a surprising 8GB of 1600Mhz Dual Channel DDR3 system memory, 500GB storage at 7200RPM and a 64GB SATA III solid sate drive. Other notabales include HDMI-out (1.4), a 17.3-inch HD screen, and 3 high-speed 3.0 USB  ports. It’s also cheaper, starting at $2,299.99 and thinner at .88 of an inch. WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet ports are all in attendance and round out the tech bits. It’s a handsome set of game-crunching potential, any competing laptop might covet.

But the wild tinkerers at Razer have revived their secret weapon – the award winning Switchblade User Interface. The Switchblade touchscreen interface was made infamous with the original Blade laptop. It then went on to train in the Force resulting in the Jedi-like Star Wars: The Old Republic keyboard and the incoming beauty, the Deathstalker keyboard. Each provides desktop users endless possibilities for commanding their games and stationary desktop experience. Whereas the Blade is imbued with the same power, yet for gamers on the go.

That power is also increasing as the number of existing apps grows. Quite a few are currently available. There is a fully functioning web browser. This can be accessed while in game, via a tap of the corresponding icon on the Switchblade UI. There are apps for Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Youtube, a Clock, screen capture and so much more. The touchscreen can even function as a second trackpad or a full Numpad. Your options are legion.

Razer has also conjured a handy toolkit for game developers to play with. The idea is that custom functions, specific to new game titles, will be written to enhance the experience of individual games, and further broaden the scope and appeal of the Switchblade UI.

What do you all think? Will this new weapon for the nomadic gamer be the crippling Achilles heal for your enemies or Razer?


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