Razer Announces Orbweaver Mechanical Gamepad (Video)


Razer is heading to the mighty CES 2013 show armed to the teeth. Only Razer knows all of which they will have on hand to  grace us with at their booth. But we have peered intensely into the beyond and glimpsed a couple new products that will be at this year’s CES show from the never-inert input professionals.

One is a controller we just laid hands on. It’s their laudable Sabertooth Elite game controller for PC and Xbox. For those who need that familiar comfort with enhanced control and functionality, there are fewer worthy options. But this is something different. This is virtually a miniature keyboard where all the fat has been trimmed to leave the bare essentials and a few handsome tweaks. I give you the Razer Orbweaver gaming pad.

Now you be familiar with Razer’s other older and more long-in-the-tooth Nostromo gamepad. Well the Orbweave not only has more functions, more buttons and more comfort options. It also uses mechanical key switches, which require less for to actuate for speed and precision.

Razer says:

Building on the huge success of its predecessor, the Razer Nostromo®, the Razer Orbweaver lets gamers bind an infinite number of controls to 20 mechanical keys and a programmable eight-way directional thumb-pad. Only 50 g of force is required to trigger each key, ensuring that commands are executed as fast as users’ fingers can act—and faster than the enemy can react.  The thumb-pad can be used for movement or as a modifier for endless combinations. Armed with the Razer Orbweaver, gamers will be able to rapidly fire a vast number of spells, macros and abilities at their helpless foes, and they’ll be able to do so with hyper-responsive speed and efficiency.

In addition to its inherent technical merits, the Razer Orbweaver also delivers comfort over extended hours of play with its adjustable rests modules for the thumb, palm and wrist. Each of these parts can be slid back and forth or tilted to suit any hand curvature or size, allowing every gamer to customize a perfect fit.

The Razer Orbweaver will be available Q1 2013 for $129.99

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