RavPower Mini Dual USB Car Adapter Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
88 Expert Rating

If you’re always on the move and need to charge your devices on the road, the RavPower USB charger is a fantastic buy. This car charger is extremely compact and can even fit in your pocket. It comes with two LED-lit USB ports and is compatible with most modern phones and devices. It made our best car charger list thanks to its tiny size. You may also want to compare this charger with other trending car accessories.

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Why We Like It – RavPower Mini Dual USB Car Adapter

The RavPower Mini USB Car Adapter is very compact and almost site flush with the socket. This means it takes up much less space than its rivals and is less likely to get damaged. It comes with dual USB ports so that you can charge two devices simultaneously.

  • Compact size
  • Two USB ports
  • LED lights
  • Hard to remove
  • No fast charging
  • Might not fit some cars


The RavPower Mini Dual USB Car Adapter offers impressive performance, especially when you consider its tiny size. This 12Volt/ 24V car charger features the new Smart 2.0 technology for optimized charging. The SmartUSB functionality detects your device to give it the best charge possible. It ensures that there is no overheating, short circuits and that the device stops charging once its battery is full. The RavPower works with most of the popular brands including Samsung and Apple. If you need faster charging, try the Hussell car charger.


This thumb-sized dual-port USB car charger is way more compact than its rivals and sits flush with the socket. It comes in a sleek black, scratch-resistant aircraft-grade aluminum casing. The overall design is sturdy and it should be able to handle most bumps and drops. The face with the USB ports features LED lighting to tell if your devices are being charged or not. To make the charger easier to remove, there are also ridges along the rim to get a better grip. For an integrated power cable check out the AmazonBasics Coiled Cable.

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The RAVPower can charge two different devices at the same time with its dual ports. Thanks to the Smart technology the power output will always be at the optimum to ensure the best possible charge for your device and its battery. Apart from charging, the RavPower features a very compact size and is very durable with an aluminum body instead of cheap plastic. When considering its high quality and low price, this charger offers excellent value for money like the Maxboost Car charger.

RavPower Mini Dual USB Car Adapter Wrap Up

The RavPower Mini Dual USB Car Adapter is compact yet very strong and durable. It can safely charge a wide range of tablets and mobile phones thanks to its dual Smart USB ports. It might not offer fast-charging, but the standard charging works well with most devices. This is an excellent device for people on the go and comes at a brilliant price.