RadioVault: Hide Your Stuff In An iPhone Dock

Many of us have iPhone docks on our nightstands. They’re simple, they’re innocuous, and most thieves won’t give them a second thought. At least, that’s what RadioVault is hoping. Cannon iPhone Safe


RadioVault is, as you may have guess, a place to hide your valuables disguised as a standard MP3 player/clock radio. Well, “disguised” is perhaps the wrong word: It is an MP3 player dock and clock radio and you can use it as such. It even has two alarms and presets, although it doesn’t seem to be able to tune in the AM band: We guess you can’t have everything.

But the real feature is revealed when you use the biometric fingerprint scanner. A padded drawer pops open with enough space to store valuable such as keys, wallet, personal documents, and so on. It’s no replacement for a floor safe, but if you’re hoping to keep items hidden from, say, people who will be staying over one night only, it might be a useful tool.

That said, we would make one addition: Bolts. The key problem with most items of this nature is that there’s nothing stopping the thief from just taking the thing and bashing it open with a sledgehammer later, unless you secure it to something. Furthermore, there’s nothing stopping him from, say, taking your iPhone, which can cause its own set of problems.

But if you just want some seemingly innocuous security, and don’t want to hide things in your freezer or in a classic like the hollowed out book, this will be a useful tool for keeping your stuff where it belongs. Now, keeping your date from last night from hearing your awful taste in music? That, sadly, will be on you.

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