Radical Pan Review: Is This the Best All Purpose Pan?

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The best cookware is often unconventional.

90% of my cooking is done with is a frying pan.  Use the best pasta maker to make a stir fry, or a mean chicken Alfredo.  The remainder is split somewhere between the microwave (oatmeal in the morning – TJ’s Oats) and the toaster oven. The latter of those two involves a frying pan. However, until recently, sticking a non-stick pan in the oven was a non-starter. Until now. Enter the Radical Pan and with that my Radical Pan review. Could it be the best non stick pan?

Radical Pan Review


  • A laundry list of certification. But, in short, it’s safe to use unlike to some questionable non-stick pans
  • Can go into the oven at up to 500 degree F (i.e. greater versatility)
  • Hard anodized means it’s super durable
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Cook’s food evenly, but heat retention doesn’t stand up to my more expensive All Clad Copper pans
  • It’s so lightweight I had to acclimate from my heavy pans (note: this is technically not a lightweight pan).

Radical Pan Design and Features

The Radical Pan is aptly named. And if you haven’t figured it out – I’m sure you have – it’s because of the extra high wall (2.5″ to be exact) furthest from the pan’s handle. That’s not just for show. It’s so you can easily flip the pan’s ingredients like a pro, making it easy to evenly cook food, be it chicken, pasta or really anything your sauteeing.

radical pan 2

Measuring a diameter of 8.5″ at $79.99 (there is also a 10″ and 12″ as well, each $10 more than the other) the Radical Pan in this size is perhaps the sweet spot when it comes to frying pan sizes. Not too big and cumbersome to store, and not so small there is crowding when cooking a meal for two, which has been my primary testing ground.

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Weight is a mere 1.5lbs, but don’t let that deceive. Though as I noted in my Cons section above, it took some getting used to as I often use a copper centered aluminum pan from All Clad. That said, the Radical pan has a 3.5 ml aluminum core to help keep heat distribution even. They’ve also finished the outside of the pan with something called 35U hard anodized to keep it looking new and devoid of dings.

Beyond that, the Radical Pan has a wide variety of certifications that should lend some trust points, completing tests and certifications with the FDA, SGS, and NSF (apparently this is the first pan EVER to achieve this).

I should also note that the Radical Pan is safe in the oven up to 500 F degrees and it works with Gas, Electric and Induction. It’s also dishwasher safe in the event you don’t have the patience to scrub another pan, ever again.

Radical Pan Performance – What’s it like cooking with the radical pan?

Well first off, that high 2.5″ wall as they call it, is actually useful for one-handed, no spoon or spatula involved flipping. The pan also very lightweight which makes it easier to maneuver ingredients, unlike my heavier pans.

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I tested my Radical Pan by cooking chicken breast and thigh meat, steak, scrambled and fried eggs, broccoli and Brussel sprouts – forgive me; my meals aren’t that complex.

Chicken, with a touch of Grapeseed oil (I switched from Olive Oil 2 years ago due to health concerns) achieved a beautiful brown crust by salting it just right. Scrambled eggs cooked evenly, and with ease, up to 6 at a time. Fried eggs worked great, especially since you can stick the Radical Pan in the toaster oven, which is the perfect place to make an over-easy egg without flipping it. But thanks to the non-stick material you won’t need to resort to my methods, though that’s one of my pro tips. You’re welcome.

radical pan 3Brussels and broccoli followed suit, cooking without sticking, plus they both earned high flavor marks from my dinner companion, achieving the right brown crispy finish where intended.

So is there anything the Radical Pan can’t do? The major difference I saw between my copper centered pans and the Radical Pan was the heat up time. My copper centered pans require about 3-5 minutes of less heating time if I so desire a crispy crust on my foods. But that would be expected of any pan that lacks that center.

Radical Pan Review Wrap Up and Conclusion

The Radical Pan is perhaps the best non-stick pan you can buy. It’s perhaps the safest and is also perhaps the most durable. I only say “perhaps” because it makes a damn strong case to be as such. However, I haven’t tested every pan on the market.

I do know that until the Radical Pan came along I had zero plans to use a non-stick pan ever again due to the health concerns. But alas, here I am cooking every meal with it and I have no plans to stop. Moreover, I can stick it in the oven, slam it in the dishwasher for cleaning, and do it all over again.

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