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Rad Power Bikes Radwagon Review

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Updated January 25, 2022
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A cargo bike can be the best electric bike for wet surfaces. The RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike comes in at a value-friendly price point while still offering features in line with higher-priced competitors, such as the Tern GSD S10 or just like with the other best electric cargo bikes.

Why We Like It – Rad Power Bikes Radwagon

The Rad Power Bikes Radwagon from Mike Radenbaugh is an ebike with plenty of high-end features, including Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes, which excel during wet conditions, and a 750W geared hub motor that gets up to maximum speed quickly. To ride comfortably on a rugged terrain, check out the Radrover bike review.

  • Tektro Aries disc brakes excel on wet roads
  • 750W geared hub motor is great for inclines and quick acceleration
  • Adjustable handlebars and seatpost ideal for most heights
  • 76 Lbs

Durability & Build Quality

Reviewers loved the 750w geared hub motor, which allowed for quick acceleration and easy climbing. Both the handlebars and the seatpost are fully adjustable, allowing this cargo bike to fit a large variety of heights and weights similar to the Yuba Spicy Curry Bosch. With the new Radwagon it has all the traction of running boards on both pedals.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The RadWagon is only offered in one frame size 13.5 in frame, and the reach is fairly limited. This means that average sized riders will feel comfortable, but extra tall riders might feel a bit squished. Still, the telescoping seat post will allow tall riders to get full leg extension, and the adjustable stem can either raise the handlebar or put it forward. Like most electric bikes the Radwagon has pedal assist making the bike require less energy to get moving compared to the traditional bike. For a more rugged expedition, read the Quietkat ranger 750 review.

Range & Battery

Though the 48 volt 14 Ah lithium-ion battery pack recharges quickly, in just a few hours, it only allows for 45 miles of use from a single charge. Additionally, the maximum load capacity of this Rad Power Bike is 350 pounds, which could make it difficult to haul groceries and a couple of kids at the same time.

Safety features

The tires offer puncture protection and have reflective stripes on the sides, which greatly improves your visual footprint. There’s no quick release in the rear and this is one trade-off when compared to a mid-drive electric cargo bike rear wheel maintenance can be more difficult due to the chain and direct drive motor.


The RadWagon offers a perfect balance of utility and comfort. The smaller wheels and tire size keeps the bike low enough that loading children or cargo onto the rear rack is made easy, while still providing comfort and stability, with little effort needing to be exerted as you step thru to mount the bike. If the Radwagon ever gives you trouble during that first year the warranty will give you comfort.

Rad Power Bikes Radwagon Wrap Up

While the drive hub motor doesn’t mean much to the average person to both the design team and Ebike news it was fairly important. What that means for this bike though is that it performs very well with the big flaw being the weight of the bike means the rides can’t be as long as the competition like the Pedego Stretch Electric Cargo Bike.

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