The R-Kaid-R Is A Retro Arcade Hidden In A Briefcase | Gadget Review

The R-Kaid-R Is A Retro Arcade Hidden In A Briefcase


Read about the Best TVs for Gaming and check out this cool arcade system. Gamers from a totally different era will appreciate the R-Kaid-R from Swedish design company Love Hultén not only because it plays retro games from Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Atari 2600, but also for its unique good looks. Hidden inside of a handcrafted briefcase, this portable retro gaming system features its own custom OS and can even play games from PlayStation One and early PC games, in addition to more classic titles.


It’s made from several varieties of solid, stained wood and brass, with gamine done on its 8″ LCD screen. It’s built-in mono speaker provides just the right amount of sound to take you back to your early gaming days while playing your favorite old school games and when you’ve gotten your fill, the entire system folds nicely into a 3.5″ thick briefcase you can haul around with you. There’s also a USB port and SD-card slot that allows you to add your own games to the mix. The limited-edition retro gaming console will only see 50 units made when it goes on sale this September for $3,400.


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