Quip Toothbrush vs Sonicare – Pick the Right One

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Updated June 27, 2022

Your kid’s teeth are important. That’s why you need the best kid’s toothpaste as well as brushes.

If you’re looking for the best electric toothbrush on the market, Quip toothbrush vs. Sonicare is a worthy discussion. There are other electric toothbrushes, too, like Oral-B Vitality and Goby, so make sure you do the research.

It can be challenging to make a direct comparison between Quip and Sonicare. There is a single Quip offering, but plenty of Sonicare toothbrushes on the market. Objectively, we can compare the companies directly, as well as choosing the Sonicare model that is the most like Quip.

There’s some real-time feedback, and dentist and American Dental Association recommendations to consider, too.


Quip is slim and easy to take traveling. The aluminum handle is sleek and easy to hold. It’s a quality toothbrush but doesn’t feel quite as premium as the Sonicare varieties. If you like a handle of substance with plenty of room to grip, Sonicare wins.

Sonicare features rubber grips and a better-positioned power button that makes it easy to maneuver while brushing and then switch off. However, the Quip electric toothbrush does have a pretty smart travel case/toothbrush holder design.


Both Quip and the Sonicare 2 Series preclude extra features and are better when used in conjunction with a water flosser. They both have a two-minute timer and an automatic off. After you’re done brushing, the brush motor will turn off on its own.

This feature ensures you’re brushing for the right amount of time before you turn it off. With Sonicare’s variety of options, you can always upgrade your Sonicare toothbrush for something better, which is something Quip cannot offer.

Brush Heads

Sonicare has a wide variety of brush heads which can be confusing if you don’t know which designs fit your brush. However, Quip only has one, which makes it easy, but doesn’t give you many options.

With the Sonicare, you can choose a toothbrush head that works for you, whether you have sensitive teeth or need special attention where there is plaque. Either brand you select must be replaced every three months. The advantage to Quip is that they’ll deliver them to your door.

Battery Life

Sonicare reliably reaches about two weeks of battery life before needing a recharge. This short time isn’t as big of a deal when you set it on the charger at home after every use, but comes in handy while traveling. The lithium-ion battery works well here, even though other Sonicare models last a bit longer.

The Quip is beyond compare with about three months of battery life. It takes only a single AAA battery. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that the range of motion and types of movements the Quip offers aren’t as great as Sonicare. Though the battery is efficient, the product may not achieve the level of oral hygiene you’re looking for, either.


Quip is a toothbrush subscription, which seems to be the rage with anything these days. Meal subscriptions, clothing subscriptions, and wine subscriptions are everywhere, so why not a toothbrush? Availability is limited to their website, but it couldn’t be easier to order.

Sonicare is available at most retail outlets, so you can find it almost anywhere, but you have to go back to the store to get replacement heads, which makes it slightly less convenient. Either solution is a fantastic one if you find that it fits your needs.