Quip Ensures You’ll Never Forget A Toothbrush Again

Toothbrushes are something of a pain, at least in some ways. The actual brushing is easy, but remembering to do it twice daily, remembering to do it for at least two minutes, and so on, can be something of a chore. So, if you’d like better dental health, and you’re also sick of shopping for toothbrushes, Quip is here to help.


Quip combines two functions, namely that of a toothbrush and of a subscription service. The first function is actually fairly simple. For example, you need to brush for approximately two minutes to get the full effect and to keep your teeth sparkling. So, to help you keep track of that, the dentist behind this idea developed a small motor for the handle; the brush pulses every thirty seconds once you start. Four pulses means you’re done.

The subscription end is equally as straightforward. Every three months, you pay $5 and get a replacement brush head. If you’re sick of shopping for toothpaste, Quip has you covered on that end, too; an extra $5 every three months gives you a tube of mint flouride toothpaste.

Brushed Up


Granted, not everyone is so ridiculously busy they need to get a toothbrush in the mail every three months with some toothpaste to go with it. But, it is nice to have that subscription, and unlike a lot of subscription services, this one has a low price, won’t set you back much money, and will actually be useful. Also, come on, a pulsing brush? That’s just neat.

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