Quilo 3in1 Tower Fan with Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier

We’re all familiar with the fans, whether those are best tower fan, best ceiling fans and others. It keeps us cool or at least tries to keep our home cool during the summer. Then when winter comes, the fan gets put away and you run your heater. As a byproduct of running your heat during the cold season, the air naturally gets dry in your house. So then you have to run a humidifier.

You can try USB fans or any other type. What you need is a fan that serves several functions.

3 Appliances in One Low Energy Unit

This cycle repeats every year for most people. It’s crazy that we don’t have a humidifier, and a fan all in one unit. If we did, we could use it year round. Ah, but this magic does exist. And it’s called the Quilo 3 in 1 Tower Fan.

That’s three appliances packed into one compact, energy-saving, air cooling system. This is exactly what many of us have been waiting for. The Quilo cools summer heat and humidifies winter dryness, all in a quiet, portable and energy saving unit that will cool up to 160 square feet. The only thing it doesn’t seem to do, is purifier the air.

If that were all it was, that would be amazing, but it is also packed with other great features, which include a low water alarm, universal voltage adapter, an ice compartment, LED control panel, water tank filter, an advanced irrigation system and a comfort light.

Quilo Energy Efficient Tower Fan
Quilo is a cooling and air comfort marvel

The Quilo has Every Season Covered

The Quilo is a much healthier way to cool since it uses no refrigerant gases for cooling. Instead, it channels air through a moist honeycomb cooling pad.

Just fill up the water tray so that the warm air entering the Quilo will turn cooler with a hint of moistness, fanning a fresh breeze into the room, which is something analogous to that of an air conditioner. To get things even cooler, pack ice into the ice tray and the water flowing through the unit will be extra frigid.

Other features include in this tower fan is a turbo mode that maximizes fanning power, a sleep mode that gently breezes or humidifies with indiscernible noise, optional oscillation and a programmable timer that switches the unit off in increments of 30 minutes, for up to 7.5 hours.

The Quilo was a 2018 Global Innovation Awards finalist for product design excellence and you can see why. It has all of the features of larger, more expensive and more polluting heating and cooling products, but without all of the stuff that’s bad for us and the environment.

Now that your indoor cooling is solved, another great product to extend cooling and summer entertainment to your patio, garage or barbecue area is this Honeywell Outdoor Portable Evaporative Cooler. It’s great for hot and dry climates where humidity levels are <60%. It provides long airflow for long spaces. Some features include a Low Water Alarm, Automatic-Off timer, and a remote control for easy maintenance and control. It also has a beverage holder and a small storage compartment, perfect for those summer backyard barbeques.

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