Quik-serve Toaster

Getting your bread to eject from the toaster at just the right time – the eggs are finished cooking as is the bacon – is no easy feat.  Precision timing is needed and most toasters take minutes to complete the job.

Not the Quik-serve Toaster from Westbend (so quick they removed the ‘c’ from the name).  It can crisp up bagels and bread in as little as 90-seconds.  And for those of you that like one side golden brown, they’ve included a feature that does just that, though it’s largely intended for those that consume bagels.  And speaking of bagels the Quik-serve toaster can accomodate even the fattest of breads, or so they say.  But what really makes this kitchen gadget nifty, is that much like restaurant toasters, which include a conveyor belt to keep toast moving forward, this one has a pass through slot ejecting your finished product in a tray, negating the hassle of pinching your fingers into that annoyingly small toaster slot and receiving an unbearable finger tip burn.

Amazon sells the Quik-server Toaster for $39.98.

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