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What can you get that walks the line between the best off road electric bikes and the best electric hunting bikes? The Quietkat Ranger 750 comes to mind. After all, thick tires are a hallmark of off-road biking. And the 750W motor with coil suspension is a dream when hunting game.

Why We Like It – Quietkat Ranger 750

A 750W motor that’s quiet in the wild, paired with coil suspension and hydraulics and max load capacity of 300 lbs, the Quietkat Ranger 750 is begging for a hunter to take it on an adventure.

  • 750W motor; 20mph w/ high torque
  • Spring coil suspension w/ hydraulics
  • Load capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Somewhat long recharge time
  • 40 mile range

Durability & Build Quality

Typical of many electric bikes, 6061 aluminum was used; lightweight, but still very durable. Frame sizes range between small to large, 17” and 19”, respectively. The saddle is ergonomically designed for comfortability. A hydraulic front suspension system and fat tires keep the bike on the ground, while absorbing oncoming terrain. Load capacity is 25 lbs more than the Juiced RipCurrent S.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

With a 750 watt hub drive electric motor, torque and speed are expected. The hub drive motor has a max speed of 20mph, which is the limit hub motors can push before being illegal on the road. You have options between single speed gearing or the Shimano Atlus 7-speed gearing. The Atlus provides a wide range of terrain control.

Range & Battery

The new Quietkat Ranger 750 does lack substantial range. You can expect around 40 miles on a single charge, which is 25 miles shorter than the IZIP E3 Peak Plus. You can keep track of metrics with the digital battery-powered display.

Safety Features

The Quietkat Ranger 750 is naturally safe with having thicker tires, a strong build, and multiple gears. That alone gives you a much smoother ride than it would be without those features. Its most important safety features are the front and rear 7 inch mechanical disc brakes. They’re solid and reliable in off-road terrain.


The Quietkat Ranger 750 could be more, given the price you’re paying for. It’s got a lot of power and torque to play with, along with a suspension system and brakes to keep the ride smooth, in control, and in check. It’s open to customization, like headlights and a bike rack. And all things considered, it’s still a fraction of the price of the HPC Revolution AT.

Quietkat Ranger 750 Wrap Up

The Quietkat Ranger 750 could be so much more with a few more accessories and tweaks, like a better battery. Its 750W motor with high torque is gimped by it. When it does let loose, its heavyweight power can pull 300 lbs, while the coil suspension with hydraulics keeps your ride smooth and relaxed while chasing game.

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