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Quietkat Apex 1000 Review

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Updated January 25, 2022
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Interested in purchasing the best electric bike for hunting? There are quite a number to choose from. If you want an electric bike that’s quiet, but powerful, one of the best electric hunting bikes might just be the Quietkat Apex 1000. Despite its mid-drive motor being 1000W, and pushes you 25mph, unassisted, you’re still running exceptionally quiet. And while you’re finding your prey, the thick 4.5-inch tires will keep you steady and balanced.

Why We Like It – Quietkat Apex 1000

Despite its 1000W mid-drive motor and 25mph max speed, the Quietkat Apex 1000 does its name proud by being exceptionally quiet; a necessary feature when hunting. You can look at the Prodecotech stride 500 review for a bike with a 500W motor.

  • 1000W mid drive motor; 25mph max speed, unassisted
  • Fat, 4.5-inch thick tires
  • Quiet motor ideal as a hunting bike
  • Miles per charge could be better
  • Pricey

Durability & Build Quality

The most notable feature the Quietkat Apex 1000 has in the durability department are its tires. They are fat with a capital F. With a diameter of 26”, they’re wide—but it’s thickness we liked most. At 4.5”, they’re much thicker than standard fat tires, offering way better stability and balance. The Rungu Bike has three tires, however, which is superior.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The Quietkat Apex 1000 is one of the fastest electric bikes on our list. Its 1000W Bafang mid drive motor can really turn up the torque and push the fat bike up to 25mph! And that’s unassisted, so no help from your pedaling or pedal assistance. The BAKCOU Mule Elite is limited to 750W at the same price. On the other hand, if you want a bike that can handle the rugged outdoors, read the Quietkat ranger 750 review.

Range & Battery

It’s a bit short on range, but the Quietkat Apex 1000 still travels close to or at the longest distance of our other entries. On a single charge, you can easily travel 45 miles. That translates to about an hour to 1.5 hours of battery life. That’s pretty solid, but could be better.

Safety Features

The Quietkat Apex 1000 is safer by nature, introducing hydraulic disc brakes in both the front and back for impeccable stopping power. This pairs beautifully with its air suspension, providing a smooth ride and confident stopping efficiency over rough terrain.


There’s a lot to like about the Quietkat Apex 1000—especially as a hunting bike. It’s fast, has a good battery, and amazing handling over debris, rocks, and more. Most importantly: it’s quiet. And if you do peg your prey, its max weight is large enough to handle you and your catch. However, it does come at the heavy cost of $4349. On a budget, the Juiced RipCurrent S is $2499.

Quietkat Apex 1000 Wrap Up

The Quietkat Apex 1000 does its name proud by being incredibly quiet for such a powerful machine. Its 1000W motor pushes it up to 25mph, unassisted, and the 4.5” thick tires keep you balanced, even on rough terrain. Though 45 miles per charge is good, it could be better—especially considering the heavy price; otherwise, an amazing bike to have while hunting.

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