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The feature that makes for the best quiet blender is, no doubt, its lack of noise. Start by looking at models with low noise ratings. You’ll also want a model with a durable, insulated motor housing that helps control some of the excess sound created when using the appliance.

Next, your blender should have all the functions you need to blend, chop, mix, grind, and puree your favorite recipes. A simple, quiet blender won’t be enough if you need versatility in the kitchen. Just keep in mind that, if you’re looking for something that can crush ice and frozen veggies, it’ll require a more powerful motor that will increase its noise levels, so check out our separate list featuring the best blender for ice.

Keep reading our buying guide to learn more about choosing the best blender to suit your needs.

Top Quiet Blenders

 #1  Hamilton Beach Professional 58870 32-Oz Blender


WHY WE LIKE IT: This Hamilton Beach blender has a removable silent hood that effectively keeps noise levels down. The blender has powerful blades that are recommended for hard ingredients and frozen items.

  • Immensely powerful motor
  • Removable quiet shield
  • Four preset options
  • Plastic jar is prone to damage

The Hamilton Beach Professional 58870 32-oz blender uses a powerful motor to make juice, shakes, and smoothies. This blender maximizes airflow for efficiency. It has a 32-oz pitcher, which can be used for serving and a variable speed dial on this device allows setting the fan speed. This blender also has pre-programmed settings for smoothies and ice-crushing, offering one-touch convenience. However, the jar is made of plastic and is prone to damage from ice and other hard ingredients.

This Hamilton Beach Professional 58870 32-oz blender comes with a tamper to improve blending efficiency, and the BPA-free pitcher offers easy cleanup. An auto-clean function simplifies maintenance. The device has a peak consumption of 1500W, providing enough power for hard ingredients. It has a removable noise shield that will work well in places where noise is frowned upon. It has sturdy blades that are suitable for ice and frozen fruits, while a pulse setting enables precisely controlling blending.

 #2  WantJoin WZ-K90 80-Oz Blender


WHY WE LIKE IT: This WanJoin blender features a very powerful motor and dual-direction blades that easily crushes fruits, vegetables, and ice. It comes with a hood that keeps noise levels low.

  • Outstanding anti-noise hood
  • Customizable design
  • Oversized pitcher
  • Difficult to clean

The WantJoin WZ-K90 80-oz blender has an incredibly big pitcher that is suitable for preparing treats for families and small gatherings. This blender features a strong 2200W motor that’s suitable for preparing a variety of drink and meal recipes. Its dual-direction blades are effective and efficient. With 15 motor speeds, this device makes juice, smoothies, and nut butter. A pulse function enables controlling the blending process. However, this blender is challenging to clean.

This WantJoin WZ-KN90 80-oz blender crushes ice, walnuts, and frozen fruits. It has an auto-clean function for clearing out debris. An included tamper stirs ingredients down the blades for fast results. The blender comes with a sound-resistant shield to keep the noise levels in the kitchen down. This sound enclosure is removable for convenience. Featuring an intuitive control panel with manual buttons and rotary dials, this device supports hassle-free operation

 #3  Cranddi K90-R 80-Oz Blender


WHY WE LIKE IT: This blender has powerful blades suitable for hard and soft blending components. It comes with a shield to muffle sound, making it a good heavy-duty blender for commercial establishments.

  • Awesome customizable design
  • Very powerful blades and motor
  • Low noise levels
  • Plastic pitcher is susceptible to cracking
  • It takes up a lot of kitchen counter space

The Cranddi K90-R 80-oz blender is designed for effectiveness and quiet performance. This blender features a powerful 2200W motor that produces enough power to crush virtually any kitchen ingredient. It’s ideal for recipes for ice cream, sauces, coffee, and frozen fruits. With an ultra-large 80-oz jar, this blender allows householders to make meals for whole families in one go. The pitcher is BPA-free for safety. However, made of plastic, the pitcher is prone to scratches and cracks when used regularly with hard ingredients.

This Cranddi K90-R 80-oz blender comes with a cookbook with unique recipes for inspiration. It has a self-cleaning cycle which simplifies cleanup. With a three-layer, six-leaf stainless blade, this device pulverizes ingredients fast. It has a 15-speed control panel and a pulse switch for customization. This device has a physical mechanism and overheating protection for safety. Featuring dishwasher-safe parts, this device supports hassle-free cleaning. A tamper agitates blending ingredients for fast performance.

 #4  Vitamix 36019 48-Oz Blender


WHY WE LIKE IT: This Vitamix blender has an incredible selection of custom options that will suit making specialty recipes. The hood is optimized to save space on the counter and enables stacking other items on top.

  • Incredibly customizable
  • Space-saving construction
  • Comes with an effective noise hood
  • Plastic jar can be damaged by ice and rough ingredients

The Vitamix 36019 48-oz blender has modern functions that will appeal to regular blender users. With up to 93 different motor speeds, this blender is ideal for applications where precision is required. It comes with a quiet hood that damps noise, so it’s a good choice for commercial establishments and busy kitchens. However, the jar on this blender is made of plastic, and it’s prone to scratches and cracks in some usage conditions.

This Vitamix 36019 has a graduated Tritan pitcher to simplify measuring water and ingredients. It has a compact hood with a flat top that saves space on the countertop and allows stacking items on top. A touch control panel with a wealth of fan speeds enables easy customization. This blender features premium materials that are ideal for very busy kitchens. It features six preset programs that enable making meals and beverages fast.

 #5  Blendtec Professional 800 90-Oz Blender


WHY WE LIKE IT: This device has a large pitcher that suits applications where large amounts of beverages are required. Six preset programs enable fast processing.

  • Gigantic pitcher
  • Effective noise shield
  • Preset programs
  • Plastic pitcher material
  • Motor struggles with very hard ingredients

Users who need to deliver large batches of juice and meals will be pleased by the enormous pitcher of the Blendtec Professional 800 90-oz blender. This device is ideal for large families and can easily catch up with the needs of small gatherings. It has six pre-programmed functions and a pulse button for generating juice and other drinks fast. However, this Blendtec blender struggles with very hard ingredients.

With 11 different motor speeds, this Blendtec Professional 800 90-oz blender offers flexibility. It has a BPA-free pitcher for safety. Owing to its premium parts and large size, this blender is a favorite of smoothie shops and other commercial establishments. A sound enclosure allows quiet performance. The blender has stainless steel blades with blunt wingtips that draw ingredients in for fast results. A 1800W motor provides adequate power for crushing through hard ingredients.

 #6  Chulux 32-Oz Blender


WHY WE LIKE IT: This blender has a compact design, which is ideal for taking along to the gym or trips. It comes with a pitcher and container, which double as smoothie cups, giving users flexibility.

  • Outstanding portable design
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Powerful motor
  • The blender is slow with very thick ingredients
  • Limited customization options

The Chulux 32-Oz blender stands out because of its portable design. This device has a 1000W motor that provides plenty of power for crushing fruits and vegetables. It has an anti-skid base that maintains stability during blending. It comes with an additional 15-oz cup that doubles as a smoothie cup for on-the-go use. Made of BPA-free plastic, the cup and pitcher provide durability. However, this blender offers nothing to write home about in terms of speed settings and presets.

This Chulux 32-oz blender easily fits in luggage bags and backpacks for travel. It has a stainless steel base that simplifies cleanup and provides an elegant look. Its six-blade system provides fast and thorough operation. With a one-button panel, this Chulux blender is easy to operate. The device has a safety locking mechanism that prevents the blades from operating before a cup or pitcher is installed. Featuring powerful stainless steel blades, this device is suitable for ice and frozen fruit recipes.

Beginners Guide to the Best Quiet Blender

What are Quiet Blenders

Personal blenders (like some vacuum blenders) are familiar kitchen appliances in most homes. They’re used for blending, grinding, pureeing, and crushing ingredients into a smooth liquid, often for smoothies or protein shakes. Of course, they can also be used for making mixtures that are a component of larger recipes.

For a look at some blenders that can handle such tasks, check out our reviews of the Breville Fresh & Furious, BlendJet 2, and the Philips Avance High-Speed Vacuum blender.

Most quieter blenders tend to have relatively small motors of 500 watts or less, along with compact designs and smaller blender containers. Because they lack the power of their larger counterparts, they do best with soft ingredients. You’ll find that they struggle with tough ingredients, like ice or fibrous vegetables, but are all-stars when it comes to whipping up your favorite dip, salsa, or hummus recipe.

Quiet Blenders Vs Standard Blenders

Quiet blenders are just that — quiet. They’re specifically designed not to make as much noise as standard blenders, which often means they’re insulated with more rubber than a regular blender or have a sound-dampening hood or an enclosure lid. Of course, you can also find these features on some high-performance blender models, giving you the best of both worlds. An Oster blender is a good option.

Typically, though, silent blenders have small motors and less power compared to a standard blender, which translates to less noise production overall. They feature wattage ratings under 1000 watts, while high-end models generally have 1000-watt motors or higher. More expensive blenders also have advanced features like self-timers, touchscreens, self-cleaning functions, and more speed.

When it comes to price, a low-powered blender often costs less than $100, while a high-end model will cost several hundred or even several thousand, if you’re looking at commercial models.

High-powered blenders are larger, with some models standing 18 inches tall. Thus, they take up more counter space but can handle a larger capacity. Quiet, low-power blenders, on the other hand, will have a shorter stature overall. They may also have smaller blending jars.

How Quiet Blenders Work

Quiet blenders work like any other blender. The motor powers a set of spinning blades that create a vortex that pulls food into them. Larger pieces are blended and pushed to the side in order to pull more food down through the blades.

To reduce the noise created by the motor and blade assembly, most manufacturers add insulation. Additional rubber works to absorb and dampen the sound, whereas plastic casing further prevents sound from escaping.

To reduce blender noise coming from the blade and the canister, manufacturers have included sound-dampening hoods or lids to create a sound barrier.

Why should you buy a new quiet blender?

Chances are, you already have a blender in your kitchen. However, if that old model is loud enough to wake the rest of your family but you really need that early morning smoothie before work, buying a new blender with a quiet motor is a great solution.

Conversely, thanks to their compact size, a new, quiet personal blender is the perfect addition to a college dorm room, since you don’t have access to mom’s kitchen appliances. This way, you can mix up a quick drink without interrupting your roommate’s study time. Check out some of the best Vitamix blenders.

Is a Quiet Blender Worth Buying?

  • They’re quiet: A quiet blender contains more insulation than a standard blender to reduce motor noise and often has a noise-dampening lid to help contain the noise of the blade. It’s perfect for early-morning smoothies.
  • They’re compact: Because quiet blenders have smaller motors, they’re smaller in stature than a standard blender. This makes them the perfect solution for dorm rooms, apartments, and smaller kitchens.
  • They’re not very expensive: If you’re on a budget, a quiet blender with a smaller motor will cost a lot less than a standard blender or a high-powered commercial variety.

Why a Quiet Blender May Not Be For You

  • They’re not very powerful: Smaller motors can’t handle ice or fibrous vegetables as well as high-end commercial blender models can. That means a quiet blender is better suited for soft ingredients, smoothies, dips, baby food, and sauces.
  • The capacity is small: Quiet blenders don’t accommodate large families well because they don’t have the power or the capacity to make large amounts of food at once like with the best blender and food processor combo. The smaller motor will burn out more quickly with heavy use.

How Long Will a Quiet Blender Last?

There’s a wide range of blender quality on the market, so it’s hard to accurately judge how long your blender will last. However, in general, less powerful motors, like those used in quiet blenders, will last for 3-5 years.

Blenders with more powerful motors can last up to 10 years, but they’re usually much noisier. That’s not to say you can’t find quieter varieties, but they’re few and far between. They also tend to be pricey compared to quieter models.

How often you use and clean your blender will also affect how long it lasts. A blender that’s in frequent use will experience a shorter lifespan than one used only on occasion. Cleaning the blender after every use will also increase its longevity. Adding some water and a few drops of dish soap to the blender jar and then letting the blender run for a few seconds is an easy way to keep it clean.

How to Choose a Quiet Blender

If a quiet blender sounds like the appliance you need, there are some key features and factors you should consider before making a purchasing decision. As mentioned above, one of the most important things to think about is the noise rating, followed by motor wattage and insulation.

Quiet Blender Key Features/Factors

1. What kind of motor power do you need?

The more powerful the motor, the more noise (a higher decibel number) it will make and the more difficult tasks it can handle. So, if you want a strong motor that can crush ice or frozen fruit and make nut butter, you may have to sacrifice some quiet to get what you want out of the powerful blender. Alternatively, if you can increase your budget, look for very high-quality blenders that have powerful motors and much more insulation. These powerful and durable blenders are great if you’re doing a lot of blending at home or for work, in which case, the best professional blender can be another great choice. If you like to make your favorite smoothie in the morning and don’t want to wake others, look for a versatile blender model that can easily blend ice cubes and frozen ingredients into a smooth consistency.

2. Do you want something dishwasher-safe and easy to clean?

Some blenders have a self-cleaning setting. Others, you’ll have to take apart and clean yourself. If the blender you choose has dishwasher-safe removable parts, this makes cleaning it a lot easier. Rather than soaking them in warm soapy water, you can simply place them in the dishwasher and run it. A wide blender jar is also a key feature to keep in mind if you want a blender that’s easy to clean. For more great options that aren’t a chore to clean, check out our guide to easy-to-clean blenders.

3. What kind of warranty does it come with?

Nearly all blenders come with some kind of warranty, but they vary widely. Many of the expensive brands like Vitamix or Blendtec will come with a great 10-year warranty, while budget models may only have a one-year warranty.

Regardless of the length or brand, these are almost always limited warranties that cover parts, labor, and shipping for product defects, not normal wear and tear. Other brands may have 30-day money-back guarantees. It all depends on the model you choose, but you should make sure that you’re comfortable with the terms of the warranty they offer.

4. What features do you want?

Consider how you plan to use the blender when deciding which extra features and accessories to purchase. You can find blenders with nearly any feature you could need. From making frozen drinks to hot soups, there are a lot of options depending on your needs. Some models have single-serve cups with lids specifically designed for those that want to grab that morning smoothie and go. No matter what blending jar it has, though, it should be BPA-free plastic or glass.

Controls for various speed settings and pre-programmed blending modes are all useful features, as well. Most blenders have at least one speed and a pulse button that is usually found on the motor base. Keep in mind, though, that many of these additional features may create a lot of noise while in use.

5. How big a blender do you need?

An expensive blender with a large, powerful motor, a big blender jar, and a sound shield will be larger than other, less powerful models. Some of these models can be 18 inches tall. This means it will require extra space either on your countertop or in the pantry. Before you buy, make sure the model you choose meets your space requirements and needs. If you love your fruit smoothies, consider a blender for smoothies that will make mixed drinks and frozen treats in a BPA-free jar. While it won’t be the quietest blender, the blending performance should be good enough for a blender that doesn’t have nearly the peak horsepower motor a full-size blender does. Some will even come with travel lids so you can whip up a quick smoothie on a hectic morning and be out the door.

You’ll also need to think about how many people you need to serve. Large pitchers of 48 ounces or more will serve several batches of smoothies for people, while 20-ounce grab-and-go cups are ideal for one. This larger blender jar is ideal for get-togethers, where you can make frozen mixtures, like smoothie bowls or frozen drinks, from delicious smoothies to margaritas. There are also a variety of portable blenders, but because of their small size, they will likely not have many features and be less versatile for other uses besides smoothies and protein shakes.

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