Quadrofoil Brings The Joy Of The Hydrofoil To The Masses

If you’ve graduated up from the best RC boat and want something for big boys, check this out.

Hydrofoils are an amazing ride in how fast, fun, and utterly terrifying they are. Designed around many of the same principles as airplanes, essentially, you get up to speed and rise out of the water, speeding along on narrow wedges of metal. Quadrofoil wants to bring that exhilarating and perhaps scary experience to the masses.

Get In The Air

For those still have trouble, remember Newton’s Third Law; hydrofoils are designed to have water flow so it pushes down, thus have the equal and opposite reaction of pushing the hydrofoil up. Quadrofoil just does it more efficiently, starting with the fact that it uses an electric motor.

That’s important because it both ensures that there’s no oil in the water, which is good for obvious reasons, and it also ensures that the craft is zero-emissions and quieter than other watercraft. That puts it in a much better legal position to venture into areas that might otherwise be blocked for modern watercraft.

Water Moving


And then there’s the speed. Hydrofoils have limited water resistance because… well… most of the craft isn’t in the water. So instead of having to worry about your boat doing work, you can zip up and down the water, having fun and enjoying the sheer sense of speed. It’ll go far, as well, up to 100 kilometers on a single charge.

That said, it isn’t going to be cheap; it starts at roughly $18,500 and goes up from there. But if you need an agile, fast watercraft, or just want something that feels like a jet-ski but doesn’t ruin the environment, the Quadrofoil will fit the bill.

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