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QIEWA Qmini Electric Scooter Review

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QIEWA makes some outstanding electric scooters. The Q1 Hummer 800 made our best electric scooter list, so I had to have a look at the QIEWA Qmini Electric Scooter. It has a powerful but compact design, weighing just 48 pounds. It is one of the fastest and most versatile scooters on the market. These scooters can be expensive depending on several factors, you can read our article on how much an electric scooter costs to learn more.

A 500 Watt brushless motor and 16 AH lithium-ion battery run the show, delivering a max speed of up to 35 miles per hour, using 3 gears. This sleek bad boy also gives you a 38-mile range on a single charge.

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Is The Qiewa Qmini Worth The Price?


  • Great speed
  • Great range
  • Lots of features


  • It may be expensive for some

Build Quality And Design

The design is rugged and tough, but at the same time, sleek and daring. Normally electric scooters don’t look this well-engineered. It’s nice to see a design that stands out from the crowd.

The Qmini is also foldable, so you can easily carry it when you need to, like when boarding a bus or a train, then you can unfold it again and be on your way. For another lightweight option, read our Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter review.

Charging Time

This electric scooter takes 8-12 hours for a full charge, but when you consider that top speed and range, it’s a fair tradeoff. For comparison, the NanRobot D5+ has a max speed of 40mph and a range of about 50 miles and takes 8 hours to charge.


The dual shocks in front and the dual shock suspension angled at 45° in the back make for a smooth ride even over bumpy and rough terrain. The 8-inch solid tires mean that you won’t have to worry about getting a flat or making sure that you have them at the right tire pressure. This scooter is a smooth and steady ride all day long.

Aside from a smooth ride, the QIEWA Qmini electric scooter comes with all of the features that you want in a scooter for fun or commuting. There are headlights and taillights, which are handy for night rides, a horn, multi-color LEDs along the sides of the deck, USB phone charging, an anti-theft alarm, and drum brakes. If you are looking for a more kid-friendly scooter, the Razor Power Core E90 electric scooter has a 10 mph maximum speed.

Bottom Line

The QIEWA Qmini electric scooter is a robust vehicle with above-average speed, range, design, and features. It starts off compact, but once it is folded down, it is even more mini. You could fit a few of these in the trunk of your car. It handles nicely at any speed, and the thumb throttle on the right handlebar is comfortable to use.

This electric scooter just feels great and performs amazingly. It is priced higher than much of the competition, but with features like this, it is worth every penny. You are getting what feels like a luxury scooter. QIEWA has done it again.