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Pyle Car Alarm Reviews

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Pyle PWD701 car security system has received a lot of positive reviews about its performance, and this is because people were shocked at how it has so much value to offer at less than $50. The alarm system features a 120 decibel two tone siren, and two 4 button remote transmitters as standard, though you’ll have to get a separate remote start system to be able to start your engine from a distance. It also comes with a dual shock sensor that distinguishes between light brushes and more aggressive handling of the car, and allows for keyless entry so that you don’t have to carry around your keys all the time. If this sounds like a car alarm security system that you’d be interested in, stick around for this review, and by the end of it you’ll have known if it’s the best car alarm for you or not. With the Pyle Car Alarm Security System, you don’t have to worry about security after installing the coolest car accessories.

Why We Like It – Pyle Car Alarm

The Pyle car alarm system is an amazing option if you’re looking for an affordable alternative for reliable vehicle security. Despite its lack of the remote start feature, It’s got a dual stage impact detector that distinguishes between a light stroke and aggressive handling of the vehicle, and a car alarm that’s 120 decibels loud.

  • Affordable
  • Dual stage impact detector
  • Two tone siren
  • No remote start capability

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Like the viper 350 plus 3105v 1-way car alarm, this Pyle vehicle security system isn’t that difficult to install in a car, but if you feel like doing so would give you problems, you could go ahead and contact your mechanic to do it for you. You’d ideally want him to connect it to your door lock system, as well as your parking lights so that you can use the remote control to switch them on in case you forget where you parked. Unfortunately, the Pyle car alarm security remote is not capable of two way transmission, so you won’t be receiving any status updates from your car.


Compared to all the other car alarms systems we have reviewed (the avital 3100LX car alarm included), the Pyle PW701 hands down has one of the best looking remote transmitters. They come in a sleek black color that’s got silver accents, with four buttons that are used to lock, unlock, flash parking lights or open the trunk of your car. Also, the car alarm security system itself comes with about 2 auxiliary outputs, which allows you to connect two other accessories that you’d like to control.


In case you want to hand over your car to someone, you can choose to switch the car alarm security system to valet mode so that the car’s security features are disabled. Doing so will only leave the door lock and unlock functions working, and everything else will be put at a standstill. If you’d like to be able to activate your engine from a distance, you’ll have to add a remote start system to this car alarm, since it doesn’t come with this feature by itself. If you’re searching for a car alarm system that does have that feature, the carlock 2nd gen advanced real time 3g car tracker would be worth a look.

Pyle Car Alarm Wrap Up

While most car alarms include a long list of features and clever tricks that they can do, the Pyle anti carjacking alarm security system only includes what is absolutely necessary, and that’s how they’ve been able to keep the price really low.

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