Pyle 15.6-Inch 1080p LED TV Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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This budget TV might not have much in terms of features, but it still manages to provide an adequate performance for the price. This 15.6″ unit is the best TV monitor for your kitchen or office, taking up very little space yet still providing a clear 1080p image on its hi-res display. Read our electronics list to find more products including headphones, projectors, drones, and more.

Why We Like It – Pyle 15.6-Inch 1080p LED TV

The Pyle 15.6-Inch 1080p LED TV is a cute little HD LED TV offering a 1080p display on a 15.6” LED TV monitor. Audio is super easy with this TV because, in addition to the standard optical output, it also brings back the headphone jack!

  • LED TV Ultra HD Display (1366 x 768 Pixels)
  • Comes With A Full Function Remote Control
  • Has Headphone Jack So You Can Easily Connect Your Mac/PC Stereo Speakers
  • Hi Res Widescreen Monitor Is Only 15.6 Inches
  • There Are Much Bigger LED Hi Res Widescreen TVs Available
  • Not A Smart TV

Performance (Display/Resolution/Refresh)

If you’re on the hunt for your dream TV, chances are, you’d probably pass over the Pyle 15.6-Inch 1080p LED TV without so much as a second glance. That may be where you’re missing out! Although this Pyle LED TV (model number PTVLED15) isn’t a smart LED TV and only has a refresh rate of 60hz, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its uses. While it probably wouldn’t be your first choice if you wanted an LED TV HD television monitor to play video games on, its simplistic approach to audio/video makes it the perfect second monitor for a laptop. Get a great TV for your bedroom by reading our Proscan 32-Inch LED TV review.


Don’t expect much from these TV stereo speakers. HD TV speakers (especially at this size) tend to sound tinny, and the “full range” speakers on the Pyle LED TV monitor are no exception. Still, audio is one of these ultra HD TV LED monitor’s strong points. Why? It actually brings back the headphone jack! On this monitor, audio streaming (Mac or Windows) isn’t a possibility because it doesn’t have any Bluetooth capabilities, but that’s perfectly fine because you can just directly plug in your speakers! HD TV wall mount setups might be challenging, but you can always use a transmitter. Read our Sceptre E246BV FC 24 LED HDTV review to find a great budget TV.

Smart Features

If you want smart features like integrated video streaming or Amazon Alexa, check out the smart LED/LCD TVs like the Samsung NU6900 55 instead. This HD TV LED Hi Res Widescreen monitor doesn’t have any, so you won’t be adding it to your smart home anytime soon. Although this is an RCA input LED TV monitor, it does have a single HDMI port so you can connect modern devices to it as well. The included features are basic, such as V-Chip (to limit what your kids watch based on rating), closed captions, and a sleep timer.

Ports & Expandability

This monitor offers an RCA connection along with a single HDMI input, which will work adequately (assuming you are using this TV for an additional screen for your computer). This TV shines through when it comes to audio outputs because along with the standard optical digital audio output, it also includes a headphone jack. This is great because you can easily connect your headphones, an aux cable leading to your stereo, or even plug in a Bluetooth adapter if wireless is more your thing. Despite being old technology, the headphone jack is still a great thing to have!


The price point on this device is great, mainly because of how basic of a product it really is (for comparison purposes, the Sony X720E, which is a smart LED TV with a 43-inch display, will cost you $579.99). Costing just under $120, this monitor offers free shipping, although returns are extra. There isn’t a warranty offered, but a two-year protection plan will only set you back $7.99, so it’s worth looking into. It scores 3.8 out of 5 stars from 563 customer reviews on Amazon, but the complaints, like quiet speakers and a non-tiltable screen, are to be expected.

Pyle 15.6-Inch 1080p LED TV Wrap Up

While it’s nowhere near the quality you would get from a 4K TV like the LG SM9000, for its price and purpose, the Pyle 15.6-Inch 1080p LED TV is an excellent purchase. If you’re looking for a smart TV with a 4K display and excellent speakers, look elsewhere, but if you just want an extra monitor for a dual-screen setup on your laptop, then this monitor could be just what you need.

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