Well, you knew that the day would come. It had to happen eventually. With the introduction and subsequent popularity of VR, a VR headset for porn had to arrive at some point. And here it is. We aren’t sure if it is one of the best vr headsets, but it may be the best for the use intended.

The Next Generation of Self-Pleasure

Hailed as the next generation of VR adult entertainment, the PVR IRIS is here to fulfill all of your fantasies and make them as real as possible. So if virtual porn is your game of choice, get ready for one heck of an upgrade.

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PVR IRIS is a stand-alone VR device, and more importantly, the only one that is specialized in VR porn. It will play the highest quality VR naughty videos (6K H.265), while keeping things affordable.

The PVR IRIS has one purpose and one purpose alone: VR Porn. Not shooters, or rpgs, or building things out of blocks, no Mario eating mushrooms. It is all about porn. IRIS wants to change the way you um, “play with yourself” by creating the most immersive experience you can get.

It was built from the ground up to make your pleasure as simple as possible so that all you have to do is put on the headset and step into another world.

Some features include a weight under 300 grams, no need for a phone or any other devices, Fresnel optical system for anti-dizzyness, a 2560 x 1440 3px resolution, up to 6k H265 video decoding capability, 3-hour battery life, and more.

After reading those specs, it is easy to see how PVR IRIS can be immersive enough to let you lose yourself in your fantasies.

PVR IRIS Is The World's First VR Headset For Porn
Your key to more immersive pleasure.

Easy To Use and Fast To Set Up

Even the OS is custom-made for adult entertainment. You won’t have to download other apps to play. Basically, you just choose your fantasy and in under a minute, you are in that world. Just put the headset on, browse the library of videos, select one, plug in a compatible sexual device if you want and get down to business.

The whole process could not be any easier. This may become your new favorite entertainment device.