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PurolatorONE Cabin Air Filter Review

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With Americans spending more than 500 hours in their cars every year, things like the air quality they breathe in while driving becomes something that’s very important to take note of. The only way to make sure that this air always remains clear of any dust pollen dirt or debris is to use a top tier cabin air filter. The Purolator ONE cabin air filter for example is one that ensures that customers are able to enjoy fresh clean air while driving, and it does so by stopping any foreign agents or air pollutants from getting into your car’s air conditioning system. If you’ve been looking for a premium cabin air filter, then you just might have come to the end of your search. Sit tight and let us take you through some of the reasons why we think the PurolatorONE could be the best cabin air filter for your car. To research on a wider variety of cabin air filters, consider the latest car accessories reviews.

Why We Like It – PurolatorONE Cabin Air Filter

The Purolator cabin air filter is a premium cabin air filter that is guaranteed to keep your cabin smelling fresh and clean. As long as you change the filter every 12 months, you’ll be able to enjoy a fresh breeze every time you’re inside your car.

  • No fragrance
  • Prevents the car’s HVAC from wearing out
  • Easy to install
  • No activated carbon

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The Purolatorone cabin air filter is made out of a non-woven media that consists of multiple layers so that even the smallest foreign particles remain unable to find their way into your car’s ventilation system. The air filter even prevents mold and bacteria growth, and this helps a lot in making sure that you don’t get to catch any bacterial diseases. Using a high quality cabin air filter like the Purolator one makes sure that your vehicle’s HVAC system continues functioning a lot longer than generic cabin filters would, though we do wish it was infused with activated carbon within its filters so that it would also get rid of bad odours as efficiently as the EPAuto CP285 does.


Like most air filters, the Purolatorone cabin air filter consists of three micro fibre layers that help keep the car’s airflow nice and clean. In terms of appearance, there’s not much that can differentiate the Purolator cabin air filter from the ACDelco CF188 for example, because the build is the same, and the function is also pretty much the same. The only difference that might pop up is the size and fit of filters, and this is because each vehicle requires a specific size for a good fit.


If you’ve never had to change your cabin air filter ever before, you might wrongly assume that you can just walk into an auto shop and grab one from the shelf and go fit it into your car. This is far from the case. Depending on your car’s make and model, each vehicle has its own particular specifications, and these specifications are captured through your car’s OEM number. To get the right cabin filter for your vehicle, you need to take note of this number. If you intend on buying your premium cabin air filter from Amazon for example, they make this whole process a lot easier because all you need to do is identify the kind of vehicle you drive, and you’ll get to find out whether the filter you’re looking at is a good fit. An advantage you’ll have with the PurolatorONE is that there are a lot of filters that are compatible with a wide range of different car models, so all you have to do is take note of your car’s OEM number. This is far better than the FRAM CF10134 for example, which is only restricted to Acura and Honda models.

PurolatorONE Cabin Air Filter Wrap Up

To keep your cabin always smelling fresh and clean, it’s important that you change your air filter every 12 months, or after every 12000 miles in general. This is because over time, most cabin air filters tend to accumulate dust and debris, and end up being less efficient.

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