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Not only is PureVPN one of the most diverse VPN services, it also offers 81 virtual server locations to make your activity even harder to track. Combine this with their split tunneling feature and you won’t be asking for your money-back after your 7-day money back guarantee has expired. This extra security is why PureVPN is known as a best VPN.

Why We Like It – PureVPN

PureVPN offers one, if not, the most geographically diverse VPN providers around. They offer VPN services across 140 countries. This server list includes locations in all continents and many countries in Africa. PureVPN also offers many additional perks, as add-ons, to their traditional VPN service.

  • Download Speeds reduced only 5.1% domestically
  • Split Tunneling feature
  • Robust statement on logging policy
  • No support for BBC iPlayer
  • Confusing sign-up experience
  • Disappointing internet kill switch


PureVPN’s connection speeds range from 3-8 seconds, and download speeds were reduced only 5.1% on US servers according to speed tests. However, even though download speeds were good overall, they were just average on Android clients. ExpressVPN is a great alternative for Android users. PureVPN supports several VPN protocols like: IKEv2, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN, SSTP, and DNS leak protection. By using PureVPN you will also have access to 81 virtual servers. It’s difficult to know where they are located which can be great if you don’t want your online activities to be tracked but bad if you want to know where your data is being handled.


When launched, PureVPN allows you to select one of five options: Internet Freedom, Security/Privacy, File Sharing, and Dedicated IP. Select one of these options, depending on why you’re logging on, for the best possible VPN experience. PureVPN uses Split tunneling to let you select any specific traffic you want to allow through the VPN. However, on Android, via the PureVPN app, there is no obvious way to get internet connection. Try VyprVPN, then, if this is your first time setting one up. PureVPN also has a confusing sign-up experience where you enter your email address and are then sent a username and password. For the novice, this may be confusing. Why would my username not be my email address if they’re having me provide it?


PureVPN has a vigorous online policy on connection logs, a no logging policy expanded to include not logging your DNS requests, so DNS leaks won’t happen. PureVPN also offers add-ons like DDoS protection and an option for a dedicated IP address. They also offer their software for routers and streaming devices and are part of the battle against streaming services like Netflix. Live chat customer support chat is there, but it’s very basic, and the kill switch is disappointing. Private Internet Access offers a great kill switch if that is the most important feature in a VPN for you.

PureVPN Wrap Up

It should be noted that PureVPN is based in Hong Kong, and China is known to have repressive internet freedom. So how does PureVPN protect user data? According to them, they are an autonomous territory within China, and can thus operate with their own sets of laws and regulations. Still, if this is something that concerns you, customer service is always there to explain it more in-depth and re-assure you that your information will be safe.

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