Being creative is awesome, but what about when you are working on something and your mouse messes up? That really stinks. Well, there’s a solution for that. The PureShape mousepad and SmartSlider. With these tools, the Apple Magic Mouse will feel like a natural part of your hand.

A More Comfortable Way To Use Your Mouse

The SmartSlider sticks on your mouse easily and is made of PTFE polymer, which will cause less friction on the mouse surface and be more comfortable. The mousepad is made of a double layer which consists of a gliding surface and an anti-slip base. With these tools, your mouse will glide naturally and won’t interrupt your important work.

This set up not only lets you work without frustration, it also allows you to unlock the full potential of the Magic Mouse. Many people love using the Apple’s mouse, but it can be even better and that’s where this gadget comes in. It’s like getting an upgrade.

It makes Apple’s Magic Mouse more comfortable, precise and quiet. Guess what? Those qualities will improve your work. It is an elegant, yet practical solution and it matches the design of Apple’s products, so it won’t look out of place on your desk.

PureShape Enhances Productivity With Apple Magic Mouse
The Magic Mouse becomes more magical.

Your Magic Mouse Just Got Upgraded

Your mouse will feel like it is floating over the pad, giving you a whole new experience. If you’ve ever lost control over your work due to a mouse, you already know how frustrating that can be. Now you will enjoy complete cursor control, no annoying mouse scraping sounds, and no painful wrist problems. I know, it sounds too good to be true, but this device delivers the goods.

The mousepad and SmartSlider are compatible with the first and second generation of the Apple Magic Mouse and each set includes both versions. The mousepad comes in two colors, white and gray. You can even get an optional mouse protector that allows you to charge it with the protector on. This is perfect for taking care of your mouse while traveling. The protector comes in 3 colors: light gray, yellow or black.

We love that this product provides a great solution and combines that with a cool minimal design. Hopefully, the company will design some more cool computer accessories.

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