Pumice Cleaning Stone Handle Density Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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This Pumice Cleaning Stone with Handle is efficient at the removal of limestone and hard water deposits, in addition to other unwanted materials, from toilets, bathroom surfaces, and beyond, into the rest of the home. The pumice stone is dense and should last you dozens of cleanings before it runs out, and it boasts an anti-scratch design with fine grit cleaning with fine grains of stone. This is one of the most simple and functional devices you can have among your bathroom essentials.

Though the plastic handle is well made and comfortable to hold, it is on the shorter side, at just around three inches, which could make cleaning the toilet somewhat gross. Also, this is more for the removal of mineral deposits than it is for every day cleaning tasks. Don’t forget to check our best bathroom cleaner article before you buy.

Why We Like It – Pumice Cleaning Stone Handle Density

Thick pumice stone that excels with the removal of limestone deposits and other unwanted materials from the toilet or other locations throughout the bathroom and beyond, with a design that reduces the chances of scratching. In some instances, hair can stick and clog your toilet or bathroom surfaces. So, after using a shaver ( check out a shaver recommendation by browsing to the Philips click style 3 in 1 electric razor review), this cleaning stone can help you end up with a spotless bathroom.

  • Easily removes mineral buildup
  • Reduces scratches
  • Dense pumice stone lasts many cleanings
  • Stone can break
  • Not for everyday cleaning tasks


The pumice cleaning stone handle density works best when used on hard water stains regardless of if those stains are in the pool or the toilet bowl. It can even be dye stains on your bathroom surfaces. Are you interested in a great dye kit? read the Refectocil natural liquid oxidant mixing review. Now, because of the dense sturdy fine stone on this cleaning device, it cleans as well as the OXO Good Grips Extendable Scrubber with only a little more work required. The Pumice Cleaning Stone can even clean pool tile underwater unlike the Drillbrush Bathroom Surfaces Scrubber Cleaning which required an eclectic drill.


Unlike similar products the handle high density sturdy of the Pumice Cleaning Stone makes it feel like a gentle abrasive action, gentle on your hand but abrasive to the hard water. The high density sturdy fine grit will leave you with a long lasting product for you to use comfortably long into the future.


Given the fact the Pumice Cleaning Stone Handle Density is infact a pumice stone it will last a good deal longer than many of its competitors such as the Clorox ToiletWand Disposable Toilet Cleaning. While there are cheaper stones to use this product has the benefit of not needing to get your hand dirty as you clean.

Pumice Cleaning Stone Handle Density Wrap Up

In the end the Pumice Cleaning Stone Handle Density is a safe choice for cleaning hard surfaces and requires no external product or item to get the job done, just a little effort on the part of the one wishing to use it.

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