PUMA: Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility Vehicle From Segway And GM (video)


General Motors might be going under but that hasn’t stopped them from teaming up with Segway Inc. to build the PUMA, the Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility vehicle.  Looking very much like a 3rd world rickshaw sans human power, the PUMA utilizes an all electric engine and technology found in the two wheeled Segway. It accomplishes a top speed of 35mph and a 35 mile range on a single charge.  Although the details aren’t totally clear, they plan on using GM’s OnStar system to network the vehicles and possibly allow them vehicles to themeselves.

The vehicle is said to cost between one-fourth and one-third of a traditional vehicle when it finally goes on sale.   The current pictures/video you’re seeing is of just the chasis without the shell.  If you look closely they’ve added safety wheels in the front and back that make it look oh so wheelchairesque. Video below.



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  1. Wonderful concept! would work well for me an my son who is in a manuel wheelchair,we could ride around the city together! and i would not have to tire myself out pushing his wheelchair,this invention would make our life much easier!

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