Puffy Lux Mattress Review: 60+ Night Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Whether you are shopping on the best online mattress stores or elsewhere, we take mattresses seriously. If you’re looking for a new mattress on the go, take a look at the best RV mattress. And, if you want even more recommendations for a good night’s sleep, then take a look at our best mattresses reviews.

You’re in need of a good night’s sleep. But who isn’t? According to the CDC 1 in 3 adults Americans struggle every night to get a restful sleep that has them waking up feeling refreshed and pardon the cliche, ready to tackle the day. If you want to ease your transition into the office, take a look at the best cushion covers 20×20 for your morning commute. While there are a number of factors that contribute to this, one is most certainly no larger than an excellent mattress. An excellent mattress needs excellent sheets, so you might also be interested in reading our review of the Sheex performance sheets (are made by athletes, for sex athletes).

Puffy Lux Mattress
The Puffy Lux looks luxurious.

In fact, lack of sleep can lead to many problems, including lack of concentration, depression, listfullness, speech impairment and many more. So keep reading my Puffy Lux Mattress review and discover how you can improve your sleep.


  • Free 101 night sleep test + money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Machine washable stain-resistant cover
  • Cloud Gel Mattress Layer (aka cooling cloud foam) is designed to keep you cool


  • Only ideal for small to medium-sized builds – not a mattress for heavy people (250/300lbs+)
  • Like all foam mattress, it can require two people to unbox

Quick Facts About Puffy Beds Lux Mattress

  • Both models are all-foam, memory foam. The Lux model (luxury mattress model), though, uses one additional layer of foam, perhaps called a mattress topper. This means it’s 2″ thicker than the original Puffy mattress.
  • This is considered a “firm mattress”
  • Free delivery and returns
  • Works on an adjustable bed, slatted, flat frames, box springs

Shipping and Delivery

Puffy is a bed in a box. If you’re not familiar with the category – it’s likely you are if you’re reading this review – it’s one that was pioneered by Casper. Unlike a traditional mattress experience, which requires you to visit a store and have the mattress delivered, the bed in a box is just that; a box in a bed that is delivered by FedEx or UPS.

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That in mind, the Puffy Lux will arrive at your door in a box that measures 42″ high and 19″ wide. The queen-size (the size I reviewed) weighs 75lbs (you can see all their mattress weights here – the twin xl weighs 50lbs), so if you’re not a strapping young lad (or lady) you might need a friend or partner to help you with the unboxing. In fact, I suggest you have someone help you, so you don’t pull a muscle before you get a good nights rest. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

Unboxing and Installation of the Puffy Lux

Unboxing the Puffy is simple. Remove it from the box by opening one end, lay its contents down on the box spring and begin to carefully remove the plastic wrap. Don’t use a box cutter as you could slice open the mattress and damage it. I’d recommend a pair of scissors or your hands. Though you’ll probably need some sort of tool to assist with removing the commercial-grade plastic wrap.

Puffy Box
The Puffy Box measures 42″ by 19″.

Once you’ve removed all the plastic – which will take about 5 minutes of your time –  the mattress will begin to unfold. Next, you’ll want to position it into its place and then let it expand. This is where the magic happens. Because the Puffy Lux is made of multiple layers of foam it will need some time to uncompress. When shipped from the factory they’re squished and compressed to fit in a box, hence how they’re able to send you a mattress in “the mail”.

This process takes a matter of 10 minutes. And means the mattress can be used almost instantly.

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Puffy Lux Mattress Material and Smell

Now, I’d imagine you’re probably wondering about the smell of this mattress. After all, it’s made in a factory and contains multiple layers of foam. So does it smell, like some other mattresses in a box? The answer: NO.

Unlike Casper vs Puffy – the latter I tested a number of years ago –  there doesn’t seem to be any off gassing with this mattress. It tested this by sticking my nose right on top of the mattress and then inhaling as soon as I unboxed it. I then left it for 2 hours and returned to the room, with no windows open mind you, and also took in a big deep breath. Still no smell.

Unboxing Puffy Mattress
Unboxing Puffy Mattress – get some help and don’t use a knife.

This actually was a relief since many beds in a box do gas off and can be a problem for those that are sensitive to smells and odors.

Puffy Heat Retention and Cooling

Now, if you didn’t know, temperature is a large variable in getting a good night’s sleep. If too hot, or too cold you can be woken up. Often with these types of mattresses that are made of memory foam or a dense substance, they can cause overheating. I’ve experienced this in traditional mattresses as well as my nightly sleeper, a $3k Tempur Pedic. So no mattress is perfect as by function they must retain energy in order to be supportive.

The Puffy Lux Mattress performs admirably well in this department thanks to something they call ClimateComfort, which in some respects makes it temperature neutral. I slept on it during both warm and cool nights. It is cooler or better at dispersing heating then my Tempur Pedic and kept my body – I tend to run a bit warm at night – cooler throughout the night, even on a hot night where my bedroom reached the low to mid-70s Fahrenheit. I, of course, adjusted my top layer (a weighted blanket or a sheet) in accordance with the room temperature but that’s a variable we can all control for. I suggest you do the same.

On the cooler nights, where my bedroom runs below 70 degrees F, I also found that I was evenly matched to my top layer, remaining warm and a consistent temperature throughout the night. In short, it’s a solid mattress if you’re a hot sleeper.

Partner Sleeping Experience with the Puffy Mattress

I sleep with a partner each and every night. My partner rises before me and sleeps before me. So how does the Puffy Mattress do with another person on board?

We tested a queen and like most memory foam like mattresses, the Puffy performed with excellent marks. Because there are no springs and thus no motion transfer, partner movement isn’t felt and there is excellent motion isolation. This account for both tossing and turning (movement while sleeping) or getting out of bed.

Puffy Lux Before
Once you remove the final plastic layer, the Puffy Lux will expand.

Conversely, a traditional spring-based mattress will resonate the person’s movement, even if they’re individual coils. This is because below the top mattress surface are a set of metal coils (also known as an innerspring mattress). And metal, or springs, in this case, are good at reverberating energy.

Back and Body Support + Sleep Positions

Next on the list of assessments in the inevitable: back and general body support (aka pressure relief). This is paramount to not only sleeping through the night but also waking up and feeling rested. A poor mattress, or in this case one that lacks support, will have your body and its muscle feeling tired the next day. Worse you might be experiencing back, neck, hip or shoulder problems.

The Puffy Lux, thanks to its material and design – especially Body Adapting Dual Cloud foam Layer – had me feeling well-rested and zero back, hip or neck pains, which I tend to suffer from when I visit some hotels with a traditional mattress and often change positions. Though somtimes the latter could be attributed to a foam pillow. This was the case after 2 nights and even 30 nights – just in case you’re wondering if I managed to get past the acclimation period of the new mattress.

For those that back sleep,  side sleep or prefer a mattress for stomach sleepers (aka combination sleepers) you should find that the Puffy Lux is an excellent choice. For back sleepers, and those that never have slept on a memory foam mattress, note that it will take some getting used to. You might feel some difference in your lower back as the Puffy Lux will adhere or mold to your body differently than a traditional mattress. This is perfectly normal, in my opinion.

Side sleepers shouldn’t notice as much of a difference if you’re transitioning from a traditional spring mattress to the Puffy Lux. Though it will feel unsettling – this applies to back sleepers – when you first lay on the Puffy Lux, as you’ll think it’s softer than it should be. Worry not as this is normal and the mattress will feel supportive within seconds as the supportive nature of the material kicks in; first you’ll sick and then it should feel comfortably firm thanks in part to its firm core.

Puffy Lux Mattress Wrap Up

At $1,495 (with a $300 mattress coupon), the Puffy Lux is on the pricier side compared to some competitors. However, the amount of research (4 years) that went into this, plus just overall comfort and support that I experienced, I think it’s well worth it.

To that end, it’s virtually impossible to put a price on sleep. Yeah, I know, it’s a fairly trite thing to say. But you spend a good chunk of your life sleeping – 1/3 if you avg 8-hours a day, though they say 7 is enough – you’re best to make the investment. And don’t forget that you’re protected by the 101 night trial period, money-back guarantee. Plus there are few bed in a boxes that offer a lifetime guarantee, and a removable mattress cover which serves as a mattress pad to a degree.

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