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Protect Your Bubble Phone Insurance Review

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Suppose you need an insurance policy for your expensive smartphone, mainly being worried about accidental damages, but don’t want to shell out a hefty penny every month. In that case, Protect Your Bubble Phone Insurance is the perfect insurance for you. It’s actually one of the highest-rated insurance providers for electronic devices available, despite the low price. And that makes it one of the best cell phone insurance providers. Additionally, if you are wondering, if is it better to repair or replace your smartphone, read that article, then come back and finish reading this article if you want to learn more about Protect Your Bubble Phone Insurance.

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Why We Like It – Protect Your Bubble Phone Insurance

Protect Your Bubble Phone Insurance is actually some of the best insurance policies out there, not just for phones but also for other gadgets. It’s pretty similar to Progressive Cell Phone Insurance. The monthly charges and deductibles are low enough, and you get top-notch service and support. And if you like to use the latest Samsung smartphones and other devices, you should read our Samsung phone insurance review to see if it meets your needs.

  • Unlimited replacements allowed
  • Just $50 deductible for replacing iPhones
  • Products up to 35 months old can be added
  • The base plan doesn’t cover loss claims

Coverage And Deductible

Well, the Protect Your Bubble gadget insurance does cover pretty much everything you might expect (e.g., drops & accidental damages, liquid damage, mechanical breakdown, etc.), except a few things. For example, the base plan of this insurance, unlike the AKKO Phone Insurance, doesn’t cover loss claims.
For Android phones, the deductible can range from $75-$150. But weirdly, for iPhones, the deductible comes at just $50. While this is a good plan, some people prefer to keep things simple. If you are one of them, then the Rmg Group Cell Phone Insurance is a good option.

Backup Services

Just like Best Buy’s Geek Squad Phone Protection Plan, the term of this insurance is two years. And no, just like most other cell phone insurance services available out there, Protect Your Bubble doesn’t recover your data back to you.

Customer Service

According to most customer reviews, their customer support is excellent. This is the section where most users get worried when they opt for cheap insurance policies. But PYB’s customer support is great. The process of claims is very efficient too. You just have to contact them with your details, and they’ll provide you with a reference number. If they can’t repair your device, they’ll ship you a replacement with next-day delivery if your claim is approved by 8:00 pm. For another company with robust customer service, check out our article, is SquareTrade worth it?

Security Features

There aren’t really any security features worth talking about, but you do get international coverage. Their international support lines are open during working hours. Just like Squaretrade Cell Phone Insurance, you can insure up to 35 months old devices.


The value proposition of the Protect Your Bubble Phone Insurance is absolutely fantastic if you own an iPhone. Yes, for Android devices, the deductibles are pretty high. Still, the much lower monthly cost (including loss-cover) easily makes up for it. And if you don’t want full coverage but still want to be protected from mechanical or electrical failures, a Straight Talk phone insurance plan may be right for you. Additionally, if you are a Sprint customer, read our Sprint Complete Protection for smartphones review.

Protect Your Bubble Phone Insurance Wrap Up

All in all, Protect Your Bubble Phone Insurance is a great cheap insurance policy for mobile phones. Just make sure to go through the terms and conditions thoroughly before applying for it in case you have an Android phone.