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Nest Labs’ Protect Smoke Detector Is More Than A Traditional Smoke Detector


Smoke detectors can be annoying but are essential to your home, office, apartment or really any place you’d like to prevent a fire. However, Nest Labs are trying to change that with their Protector smoke alarm that’s a Wi-Fi connected alarm that lets you keep tabs on your home when there’s a fire or not. The Nest team wanted to fix all the flaws that traditional smoke detectors have and make theirs a hub for the connected home or a system that tells you when things are okay, as well as when things are wrong. It features sensors in its gills for smoke and CO, as well as for heat, light, motion and ultrasonic waves that provide you with data on its app for your smartphone.

For example, if you have a false alarm while you’re cooking, the devise will issue a vocal warning about the smoke rather than blasting its alarm, and if  you’re in another room, the motion sensor will sense it and beam the warning to the nearest Protect via Wi-Fi. The app will also send a push notification to your phone, along with the option to call emergency service, while the ring of LED light at Protect’s center turns a vibrant yellow to alert you something is happening. Another great feature is its white light it emits that makes for a great nightlight in your home. It’ll be available later this month in  both the 120V and AA battery-powered versions will cost $129.


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