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The ProTeam Backpack Vacuum deserves its spot as the best vacuum for allergies, in addition to being the best backpack vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t skimp out on comfort, so anyone wearing it won’t feel fatigued so quickly. And with 99.67% of particles picked up, you can say goodbye to the majority of allergies.

Why We Like It – ProTeam Backpack Vacuum

If your business covers 7407 square feet, the ProTeam Backpack Vacuum can have that vacuumed in an hour. That’s how efficient it is! And with its comfort-fit harness, it’s easy on employees, too.

  • Very efficient; covers 7407 sq. ft in a single hour
  • Comfort-fit harness
  • Has a tool belt to reach attachments
  • Extra cost of vacuum bags


How does the ProTeam Backpack Vacuum achieve such a large cleaning area? Well, it certainly isn’t short on power. It wields 1188 air watts with efficiency. Power is what the iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum struggles with, but not the ProTeam.

Speed & Efficiency

The ProTeam Backpack Vacuum makes floor care a breeze, thanks to its Xover Multi Surface tool that works on carpets and hard flooring. Its power also translates into a quicker task. In just a single hour, you can get 7407 sq. feet of floor cleaning done. That’s 5000 more than your typical upright vacuum or Kenmore Elite Vacuum.

Bin Capacity & Maintenance

ProTeam Super CoachVac HEPA Backpack Vacuums rely on vacuum bags to fill their 2.5 gallon tanks. They’re a thing of the past, but these are also Intercept Micro filter bags with four levels of advanced HEPA filtration going on. The ProTeam Vacuum traps allergens and dust inside the bag, making clean up a cinch.


If you didn’t already know now, vacuums these days are made of primarily hard plastic. ProTeam Super QuarterVacs aren’t any different. It does keep it lightweight, which is made better by the comfort-fit harness. It has thicker pads for your shoulders (and comfort), made of open-weave heat dissipating fabric. It even has a tool belt for parts accessories, like the 2-piece wand tool kit.


Is the ProTeam Super Coach Pro Linevacer HEPA Vacuum worth getting? If you’re running a business, then absolutely. Your employees will love the harness, considering it makes the job of vacuuming that much easier. More importantly, its long 50-foot extension cable means more time spent cleaning and less time unplugging and plugging into outlets. For personal use, we recommended the Miele Complete C3 Marin.

ProTeam Backpack Vacuum Wrap Up

We’d still recommended having a few ProTeam Backpack Vacuums in the closet, despite using vacuum bags. It’s a small price to pay for collecting 99.67% of allergens. Your employees will love the snug nature of the comfort-fit harness and its tool belt as they clean 7407 sq. ft. in an hour.

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