Pronto Can Charge Your iPhone Five Times After Charging An Hour

We all need more battery power in our lives. It’s just the way of the world; we’ve got battery-hogging devices in our pockets and stuffed into various bags and sacks that we carry around with us. We need more power, and we need it to charge up quickly. Hence, Pronto was designed to fulfill all our power needs.

Hard And Fast Charging

Pronto is essentially a high-power battery stuffed in an aluminum case, built to be pocket-sized and tossed into a backpack or a briefcase without thinking about it. So far, nothing particularly special, although it does look cool, and the cap is attached with a handy and sturdy nylon strap for easier use and tying it to your bag. No, what stands out is what happens when you plug the Pronto into the wall. In five minutes, it’s got enough charge to refill your iPhone, and in an hour, it can recharge your phone three times with the power it packs in.

Power In Your Pocket

The principle is pretty simple, really. The Pronto comes in two sizes, a 4500 mAh and a 12,000 mAh battery. On one side there’s an LED showing how many charges you’ve got left for your phone, and on the other there’s a charge meter to indicate how much power your Pronto is currently packing in. So, pretty much you can just plug it into the wall, wait an hour, and leave with plenty of power in your pocket.

Getting Charged Up Pronto

As we rely more and more on our phones, we need to be able to get them charged up quickly. Having something like the Pronto in your pocket will ensure that you can always make a call, always send a text, and generally stay connected. And at $79 through the Kickstarter, that’s a pretty good deal.

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