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If you’re sick of cleaning your car at a nearby car wash, then the best wet and dry vacuum cleaner is the Prolux Vacuum. It has that great suction for grabbing debris, while also having wet vac capabilities. One minute you’re vacuuming mats, the next you’re spraying your seats down and scrubbing them clean.

Why We Like It – Prolux Vacuum

The Prolux Vacuum is the ideal companion to have mounted to the wall of your garage. It’s like having your own car wash vacuum, only this one has wet vac capabilities.

  • 162 CFM rating
  • Large, 5.88 gallon tank
  • Perfect for placing in your garage
  • Best used on cars, not your home
  • Isn’t portable


With a CFM rating of 162, the Prolux Vacuum is bringing along a lot of suction power to the table. That means it can cover 162 cubic feet per minute. So when you’re deep in the grooves of a car, that’s a huge bonus to performance.

Speed & Efficiency

The Prolux Vacuum doesn’t just vacuum either; it has a HEPA filter system that picks up tiny particles—which is especially helpful to take advantage of when using the crevice tool. In the end you’re left with a car that’s cleaner and fresher. You can even pop out of your car and give the hard flooring of your garage a quick clean.

Bin Capacity & Maintenance

It isn’t surprising that Prolux canister vacuum cleaners have large capacity, and this one in particular has a 5.88 gallon tank, which is a lot of dirty water to carry around. Maintenance is simple: dump the water, rinse, and then it’s back to business.


For the sake of longevity, the Prolux Vacuum is might with high quality, durable material. Very hard plastic was used in its construction. A notable trait is its 30 foot crush proof hose, so you’ll never dent it if you accidentally step on it. The Ridgid Vacuum Cleaner is especially durable with its stainless steel chassis.


If you’re looking to clean hardwood floors, the Prolux Vacuum isn’t exactly the best vacuum for the job, though it can do it. Portability is a major issue here. Instead, it’s best mounted to the walls of your garage and used for your car and garage. For your home, you’ll want a Hoover Elite Carpet Cleaner or a Bissell Crosswave Cleaner for the sake of space.

Prolux Vacuum Wrap Up

To free yourself from the car wash vacuum means saving tonnes of quarters, something the Prolux Vacuum will ensure you never go back to. On top of that, you can even clean your car with a wet solution and vacuum it up, right into its 5.88 gallon tank. Do note that it isn’t very portable and is better left mounted to your garage walls.

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