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Product Packaging Ideas

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So you’ve successfully market-tested and created a final prototype of your product. It has been sent off to be manufactured for sale to actual consumers. Exciting, right? However, there is one final thing to consider. The package design. We are here to help you come up with some exciting product packaging ideas to help your item stand out from the rest of the pack.


  • If you want your product to stand out on store shelves or even online, you should opt for unique and innovative packaging designs.
  • Try a simple and easily identifiable color scheme, as simpler-than-average designs tend to stand out in the modern world.
  • Don’t be afraid to get playful with the design, especially if the product is intended for recreation.

Why Choose Unique Packaging?

Consumers see hundreds if not thousands of products daily, particularly on e-commerce sites like Amazon and brick-and-mortar retail locations such as Best Buy and Target. Unfortunately, these places are notoriously targeted for fake reviews, especially if consumers have a bad experience. This is why it’s important to have transparency in your company.

Moreover, you want your product to stand out so consumers will stop and take notice in a good way. An easy way to do this is by housing the product in unique and fun packaging, sometimes using bright colors and always featuring a creative design. But to first drum up interest in your product, you need to have had a successful launch party.

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You want your product to stand out so consumers will stop and take notice.

Three Product Packaging Ideas

Here is a sneak peek at three cool packaging ideas to try with your next product, no matter if your product is glass bottles, wine glasses, or anything else. The perfect packaging is within your grasp.

Simplicity is Key

You may be tempted to layer designs and colors throughout your packaging. That may work for some products, but simple is the way to go for others. Think about going with just one or two colors to create an instantly recognizable color scheme. After all, there is a reason why brands like Coke and Apple have done so well. They offer extremely simple packaging that is easy to understand and easy to explain to other potential consumers. Sometimes simple packaging is the perfect packaging.

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Think about going with just one or two colors to create an instantly recognizable color scheme.

Consider the Opening Process

When designing the packaging, take some time to consider how the consumer will be opening the box. Nobody likes to spend too much time opening anything, and not many people enjoy breaking out scissors or other tools to open something. In other words, think about packaging options that are easy and even fun to open. Consider placing a “welcome” note for the consumer to see as soon as they open the package, and try to consider your target market in every aspect of design. You may also consider custom, creative, or standard packaging, and always be mindful of your choice of packaging material.

Be Playful (If Warranted)

Don’t be afraid to get playful with the packaging, especially if your product is a food item, a toy, or anything else that should be fun to interact with. A playful design will create a positive memory for the user. As a warning, going with the playful route may not be the best idea for more serious-minded products, such as office supplies. You don’t want to give competitors a chance to attack like with the fake Redbubble reviews. Use your own best judgment when hiring a graphic designer to finalize the design.


What do consumers search for in packaging design?

This depends on the consumer and the industry. Kids looking at toys prefer bright and colorful packaging designs, while busy professionals will appreciate something simple and monochromatic.

What is e-commerce-ready packaging?

This refers to a set of guidelines for packaging that will be resting in the warehouses owned and operated by e-commerce giants like Amazon.

What about eco-conscious packaging?

Modern consumers could appreciate an eco-conscious approach to packaging. Think about using recyclable materials in as many parts of the package as possible. Be sure to denote your commitment to the environment on the packaging.

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STAT: Studies show that nearly 75% of consumers are willing to pay more for recyclable packaging. (source)

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